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Hisham Tchelepi, MD
Hisham Tchelepi, MD
Sonography of the Patient with Hepatitis and Cirrhosis
Released: Nov 16, 2014 | Time: 55 min
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Dolores Pretorius, MD, FACR, FAIUM, FSRU
Dolores Pretorius, MD, FACR, FAIUM, FSRU
Genetic Screening: A Case Based Approach
Released: Nov 09, 2014 | Time: 40 min
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ACR White Paper Aims to Cut Thyroid-Nodule Workups
The American College of Radiology (ACR) has issued a new white paper aimed at reducing the number of incidentally discovered thyroid nodules referred for further workup. But the paper is generating some controversy, because it leaves the issue of whether to report small thyroid nodules seen on scans

Hand-held ultrasound device for assessment of osteoporosis introduced in Europe
The Oscare Sono is a compact, hand-held ultrasound device that attaches via a USB connector to a standard PC. Measurements are taken from the forearm over a period of a few minutes.

Multifunctional bubbles image and treat
Multifunctional microbubble agents that integrate several diagnostic and therapeutic functions have great potential for future medical applications. For example, superparamagnetic iron oxide (SPIO) nanoparticles currently used as MRI contrast agents could be combined with encapsulated microbubbles,

"Dot-in-circle" sign described as diagnostic for musculoskeletal mycetoma on MRI and Ultrasound
This open source paper (link downloads the paper as a .pdf file) presents the ‘dot-in-circle’ sign, which indicates the typical magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and ultrasonographic (USG) findings for mycetoma involving soft tissue and bone. (Illustrations are at the end of the paper)

Health care reform will slow down the USA diagnostic imaging market
Health care reform and the shift from the fee-for-service to a value-based payment model will have a negative impact on the diagnostic imaging market in the U.S., according to a new report

How an old technology (Ultrasound) has become a disruptive innovation in medicine
In this brief TEDMED talk, Resa Lewiss, Director of Point-of-Care Ultrasound at the University of Colorado School of Medicine talks about POC/POS ultrasound and what this has meant for doctors and patients and for treatment of a variety of diseases.

Handheld photoacoustic probe produces detailed images of blood vessels, other structures
The new device combines two imaging modalities: ultrasound and photoacoustics in which short pulses of light heat up internal tissue. The slight temperature change leads to a change in pressure, which in turn produces a wave of ultrasound that can be analyzed to reveal information about the body's i

South Korea's Thyroid Cancer Rise: A Cautionary Tale?
South Korea's fast-rising rate of thyroid cancer in the past two decades appears to be the result of commonplace screening and is a "cautionary tale for the rest of the world," say the authors of aPerspective published in the November 6 issue of the New England Journal of Medicine.

Imaging Cancer with Sound and Light
Photoacoustic Tomography (PAT) converts light into sound waves which are then used to form images. PAT can now achieves imaging depths of up to 7 cm, revealing details of hemoglobin concentration and oxygen saturation within tissue.

Contrast enhanced ultrasound expands at Point of Care
Once considered an add-on examination, contrast enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) at point of care by clinicians expands diagnostic capabilities and is leading to new insights.

New Breast Imaging Technique May Allow Doctors to Eliminate the Need for Breast Biopsies
Seno Medical's Imagio breast imaging system uses opto-acoustic technology to help distinguish between benign and malignant breast lesions.

High-speed Intravascular 'label-free' photoacoustic imaging could reveal dangerous plaques
Purdue University Researchers are close to commercializing a photoacoustic imaging technology that could diagnose cardiovascular disease by measuring ultrasound signals from molecules exposed to a fast-pulsing Raman laser.

Will ultrasound-on-a-chip make medical imaging so cheap that anyone can do it?
A scanner the size of an iPhone that you could hold up to a person’s chest and see a vivid, moving, 3-D image of what’s inside is being developed by entrepreneur Jonathan Rothberg.

Researchers develop new technique to create cellular scaffolding for tissue engineering
Researchers at the University of Washington have developed a way to use sound to remove cells from tissue, leaving behind a cellular scaffolding for tissue engineering, a unique approach that could help overcome one of regenerative medicine's significant obstacles.

Are my muscular dystrophy drugs working?
People with muscular dystrophy could one day assess the effectiveness of their medication with the help of a smartphone-linked ultrasound device.

Kidney Stone Imaging Guidelines Not Being Followed in Kids
The "go-to" imaging modality for suspected kidney stones in children is computed tomography (CT), despite national guidelines recommending ultrasound as the preferred initial imaging, according to results from a recent study.

Focused Ultrasound Symposium Showcases Latest in Clinical and Research Advances
The 4th International Symposium on Focused Ultrasound featured clinical and research advances on the use of this non-invasive therapeutic technology to treat conditions as diverse as Parkinson’s disease and essential tremor, obsessive compulsive disorder, cancers, hypertension and uterine fibroids.

Technological Advances Offer 'Unprecedented Opportunity"
Eric Topol's keynote speech during the opening session of the 2014 AAFP Assembly addressed advances in technology and the potential they hold to transform health care for physicians and patients. Topol demonstrated by attaching a device to his phone and performing an echocardiogram on himself.

Thieme Publishers to introduce new open source journal "Ultrasound International Open"
Edited by an international group of ultrasound experts, this open access journal covers the field of interdisciplinary ultrasound in medicine and biology and will publish four times a year starting in 2015.

Philips Develops Wind-Up Fetal Doppler Heart Rate Monitor
Philips announces collaboration with PowerFree Education Technology (PET) to commercialize innovative hand-cranked Fetal Heart Rate Monitor for Africa. Partnership aimed at addressing the high rates of preventable infant mortality across the continent.

New hospital in Qatar to provide to provide point-of-care radiology
A new hospital set to open in Qatar in 2015 hopes to change the traditional department-based radiology model by embedding radiologists directly in clinical areas.

An iPad-based Ultrasound Machine
The Oscult is a iPad-based ultrasound system being developed by the company Oscadi.

Ultrasound a New Tool for Children With Speech Errors
Speech therapists are using ultrasound imaging to help fix the hardest speech problem in children.

UK medical students named masters of ultrasound
A group of University of Kentucky medical students called the “Sonokittens” have distinguished themselves as the world’s savviest student sonographers with a win at the first-ever World Cup of Ultrasound Competition.

VEGFR-targeted ultrasound may improve detection of pancreatic cancer
Ultrasound with a vascular endothelial growth factor receptor type 2 (VEGFR2)-targeted contrast agent allowed for noninvasive detection of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) in a transgenic mice model.

Ultrasound-Guided Device Aims To Reduce Central Line Complications
A new ultrasound-guided vascular access device could help reduce complications associated with central venous line (CVL) placement, researchers said. The device uses ultrasound to map the path of the access device’s needle tip.

Robotic echo brings skills of trained sonographers to remote areas
A recent study in JACC Imaging sought to extend the reach of echocardiography performed by trained sonographers by using a robotic platform to enable remote performance of studies. That was paired with a tele-consultation performed by a cardiologist.

Step aside, stethoscope — OHSU is championing the Ultrasound alternative
Oregon Health & Science University hosted the third World Congress for Ultrasound in Medical Education last week, highlighting the growing role of ultrasound in medical education and as a diagnostic tool.

Stanford engineers develop tiny, sound-powered chip to serve as medical device
Using ultrasound to deliver power wirelessly, Stanford researchers are working on a new generation of medical devices that would be planted deep inside the body to monitor illness, deliver therapies and relieve pain.

Ultrasound finds RA disease activity despite clinical remission
Ultrasound imaging finds continuing inflammation in patients with clinical remission of rheumatoid arthritis. Without imaging, therapy may be discontinued too early.