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Expanding further into image-guided therapy market, Philips will acquire Volcano
Volcano Corp. which develops and manufactures catheter-based imaging and measurement solutions for cardiovascular applications, have entered into a definitive agreement in which Philips will acquire Volcano for $1 billion.

Noninvasive Prenatal Testing Leads to Fewer Invasive Procedures
Noninvasive prenatal testing that uses cell free fetal DNA from the plasma of pregnant women offers detection rates for fetal trisomy 13, trisomy 18, and trisomy 21 of greater than 98% with very low false-positive rates. This new research suggests that use of this test is reducing invasive tests.

FDA warns against 'keepsake' ultrasound
The FDA Consumer Alert “strongly discourages” fetal ultrasound imaging and Doppler heartbeat monitors for non-medical reasons and states that "ultrasound scans should be done only when there is a medical need, based on a prescription, and performed by appropriately-trained operators."

New Imaging Catheter for Treatment of Heart Disease Could Reduce Cardiac Intervention Complications
An emerging 3-D imaging catheter aims to provide cardiologists with a live view from inside the heart during cardiac catheterizations.

Potential New Tool for Cervical Cancer Detection and Diagnosis
Researchers in Changsha, China demonstrate in the laboratory that photoacoustic imaging has the potential to be used as a quicker, cheaper and more non-invasive method to detect and stage cervical cancer.

High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound Best for Pancreatic CA
High-intensity focused ultrasound seems superior to other therapies for pancreatic cancer, according to a review published in the December issue of the Journal of Evidence-Based Medicine.

Gynesonics promotes transcervical intrauterine ultrasound-guided RF ablation of uterine fibroids
VizAblate uses radiofrequency energy to ablate fibroids under intrauterine sonography guidance. The manufacturer describes the procedure as associated with short procedure times, requires minimal in-procedure assistance, and is incision-free.

Philips' new app-based ultrasound may be a game changer for the industry
Philips built all the ultrasound system into the transducer which can be plugged into any off-the-shelf tablet. Users can then download apps based on the clinical situation. The app-based system is designed to move ultrasound away from the ultrasound room and closer to the patient.

Early Results Indicate Potential for Focused Ultrasound to Treat Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
A recently published report in the Journal of Molecular Psychiatry supports the potential of focused ultrasound to treat certain patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

Top five apps for echocardiography
For cardiologists, sonographers, and interested clinicians, there are a number of apps available that can help us learn more about this imaging modality, interpret the studies, and communicate with our patients about the results.

No Benefit From Ultrasound Screening in Dense Breasts?
For women who are shown to have dense breasts on mammography screening, the addition of ultrasound screening has little impact on outcome, increases harms, and drastically increases costs, researchers report.

Connecting Doctors to Patients in Rural Areas With Mobile Technology
Mobile phones and a image collaboration platform allow rural health workers to send images to physicians for a diagnostic review.

Ultrasound Can Let You Touch and Feel 3D Shapes in Thin Air
A new system uses ultrasound to create an illusion of 3D shapes you can touch and feel in thin air.

Carestream Introduces New Touch-Based Ultrasound System
At RSNA, Carestream unveiled its new Touch Ultrasound System, a device that completely does away with buttons and features a big touchscreen functioning as the control panel.

Hybrid SPECT⁄Ultrasound imaging for Sentinel Lmph Node Identification and Biopsy
A mobile hybrid SPECT/ultrasound system shows the highlighted sentinel lymph node in the anatomical context of a real-time ultrasound image enabling a non-surgical removal of the sentinel lymph node.

Philips Launches Consortium to Drive Creation of Mobile-based Ultrasound
Goal of consortium is to facilitate delivery of app-based ultrasound applications into the hands of more health care professionals to help clinicians make better, faster diagnoses.

Konica Minolta Launches New Hand-carried Ultrasound System at RSNA 2014
Hand-carried tablet based system features linear probe and seamless access to cloud-based image backup and display system.

O-Mode Ultrasound?
The new O-mode form of ultrasound, which improves visualization behind structures and eliminates the need for beam formation, also weighs and costs less than conventional ultrasound, according to researchers presenting at the Radiological Society of North America Annual Meeting.

Ultrasound for treatment of mental illness?
An interdisciplinary team of scientists has convened to map the origins of mental illnesses in the brain and develop noninvasive technologies to treat the conditions. The collaboration could lead to improved treatments for depression, anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder.

GPs should offer liver scans to those who drink too much
A Lancet Commission warns that Britain is the only country in Europe apart from Finland where alcohol deaths are on the rise.

3D imaging helps surgeons measure size of tumours
Three-dimensional ultrasound imaging and augmented-reality software allows surgeons to pinpoint a tumour and measure its volume, including its depth

US start-up aims to disrupt global ultrasound devices market with the launch of a finger-mounted ultrasound probe
An Oregon, US-based medical start-up company has developed a finger-mounted ultrasound probe for hands-free imaging, with which it hopes to revolutionize the ultrasound diagnostics market.

Increased Demand for Ultrasound Guidance Devices Expected to Drive the U.S. Vascular Access Device Market to Over $5 billion by 2020
Growth is fueled by the increased efforts to reduce catheter related infections, driving the demand for products such as ultrasound-assisted placement devices.

Is this the future?
Jonathan Rothberg, the founder and CEO of a startup called Butterfly Network wants to combine tablet based ultrasound, Deep Learning AI's and no-expertise ultrasound machine operators. Will you get your future ultrasound at Walgreens?

Western Health of Newfoundland Canada will include fetal gender in 18-week ultrasound reports
Expectant parents who want to know the gender of their baby can now request that information during the 18-week ultrasound performed on all pregnant women in the western region. But they won’t get an answer right away. The gender has to be reported by a radiologist.

New technique may improve ultrasound imaging through bone
Researchers have developed a theoretical technique that uses a layer of metamaterial to offset the distortion caused by aberrating layers such as bone. The researchers have tested the technique using computer simulations and are in the process of developing and testing a physical prototype.

Handheld ultrasound technology can help medical students improve their physical diagnosis
A new study found that training medical students to use a handheld ultrasound device can enhance the accuracy of their diagnosis of valvular heart disease when compared with students using a stethoscope.

Innovative method relieves carpal tunnel syndrome
Under real-time ultrasound guidance a needle is used to pass a thread under the carpal tunnel ligament and the thread is then used to saw through the ligament. Thread carpal tunnel release, or TCTR takes only a few minutes to perform and patients recover in 24 hours.

The Morocco Project - Ultrasounds for women should be a human right.
Every day, 800 women die from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth. Many deaths could be prevented with proper maternal care including ultrasound imaging during pregnancy and delivery. The Morocco Project seeks to address this urgent need.

ACR White Paper Aims to Cut Thyroid-Nodule Workups
The American College of Radiology (ACR) has issued a new white paper aimed at reducing the number of incidentally discovered thyroid nodules referred for further workup. But the paper is generating some controversy, because it leaves the issue of whether to report small thyroid nodules seen on scans