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Low-Frequency Low-Power Ultrasound for Glaucoma
This research study reports use of a low-power, low-frequency, focused therapeutic ultrasound device for glaucoma (TUG). The treatment is designed to trigger an inflammatory reaction in the anterior chamber angle and trabecular meshwork to enhance outflow of fluid.

Ultrasound used to study endangered Irish language
Using a portable ultrasound machine attached to a helmet, the researchers formed obtain images of the speakers' tongues, synced to video and audio. Software analysis then traces the tongue, showing where the tongue moves as it produces different sounds.

Indonesian Maternal Healthcare to Benefit from GE Pocket-sized Ultrasound
Handheld ultrasound technology is being introduced in a bid to help increase the number of women and newborns surviving labor.

Ultrasound could be alternative to second thyroid nodule FNA
Ultrasound (US), along with a clinical follow-up, could be a diagnostic alternative to detect thyroid nodule malignancy instead of repeating a biopsy following non-diagnostic fine-needle aspiration (FNA), according to a study published in the September issue of Radiology.

Patients accept false-positives to achieve diagnostic sensitivity
Both patients and healthcare professionals believe diagnosis of extracolonic malignancy with screening computed tomography (CT) colonography greatly outweighs the potential disadvantages of subsequent radiologic or invasive follow-up tests precipitated by false-positive diagnoses.

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Used to Ablate Renal Tumor
Surgeons at the Keck Medical Center of the University of Southern California became the first doctors in the USA to use high intensity focused ultrasound as monotherapy for renal cancer.

ACOG, AIUM and SMFM issue recommendations on method for estimating gestational age and due date
The recommendations include the statement: "Ultrasound measurement of the embryo or fetus in the first trimester (up to and including 13 6/7 weeks of gestation) is the most accurate method to establish or confirm gestational age".

Pilot Study Shows Promise for Treatment of Pancreatic Cancer
Tiny gas microbubbles may enhance the delivery and absorption of cancer drugs in patients with advanced pancreatic cancer, according to a pilot study described today at the International Contrast Ultrasound Society (ICUS) annual conference.

Ultrasound as good as CT for initial diagnosis of kidney stones
Using ultrasound to detect kidney stones is just as effective as a CT scan, and exposes patients to much less harmful radiation, according to a new multicenter study.

Ultrasound pioneer recognised with award
Professor Peter Wells of Cardiff University will be presented with a Royal Academy of Engineering’s Sir Frank Whittle Medal, one of the highest accolades in the engineering community.

Frost & Sullivan: Ultrasound is a Key Imaging Modality in Europe
Growing awareness of the harmful effects of radiation exposure is driving the uptake of ultrasound systems along with decreasing price and size of equipment.

Real-Time Ultrasound being added to Telemecine Systems
AMD Global Telemedicine joins an ever increasing roster of telemedicine companies that have added real-time ultrasound streaming capability to their telemedicine systems.

Bedside Ultrasound in the ER. It's great but does it make a difference?
A recent study that looked at outcomes as opposed to comparison with other tests raises interesting questions about the "real" difference that emergency room POCUS makes.

Prostate volume measurement for treatment recommendations - the method used makes a difference
A recent study suggests that ultrasound ellipsoid and erMRI ellipsoid methods appeared to overestimate ultrasound contoured volume by an average of 9.34% and 16.57% respectively.

How Well Do Fetal Ultrasound Measurement Predict Infant and Childhood Outcomes?
"There is evidence that being small for a given gestational age is associated with a broad range of what could be loosely considered “disadvantageous” outcomes in early childhood..."

Ultrasonography evaluation of peripheral nerve injuries after an earthquake
Study concludes that ultrasonography is useful for preoperative diagnosis and postoperative evaluation of injured peripheral nerves in earthquake victims.

Simplifying Needle Guided Procedures: Programmable Button Probe Headlines the New LOGIQ e from GE Healthcare
This new system features a programmable probe with buttons on it that allow for simple, fast and precise use of portable ultrasound at the point of care.

Neurosurgeon: Focused Ultrasound Is An Exciting, NonInvasive Treatment On The Horizon
A neurosurgeon, Neal Kassell, writes about the potential of a new technology called focused ultrasound that reduces risk, improves outcomes and lowers cost that should be attractive to hospitals in the future.

Window Through The Skin: The Development Of A Pocket-Sized Imaging Device
How an entirely new approach to handheld ultrasound imaging made its way from the university to the clinic.

Researchers develop technique to predict dangerous growth of abdominal aorta aneurysms
The result of the research will be 3D mechanical models of the aneurysms over time and tables that doctors can use to precisely determine when each individual patient needs to be recalled for examination.

SuperSonic Imagine Names New Top Management
SuperSonic Imagine has announced that Tom Egelund has been named Chief Operating Officer, effective September 1. Mr Egelund brings 20 years of top-level management experience and global business leadership to the company.

Neonatal Chest Ultrasound Better than Radiography in Predicting Need for Intubation
Lung ultrasound was a useful predictor of neonatal need for intubation and significantly outperformed chest X-ray, according to study findings in Pediatrics.

Surgeon-Performed Ultrasound Bests CT for Chest Wall Invasion in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer
Surgeon-performed preoperative chest wall US can reliably diagnose tumoral chest wall invasion in patients with NSCLC and can be considered as a complementary adjunct to preoperative imaging in patients with pulmonary lesions abutting the chest wall.

Preoperative neck ultrasound led to improved results for differentiated thyroid cancer patients
The researchers said the routine use of postoperative ultrasound in patients with DTC could be valuable in optimizing surgery and subsequent response, but its survival benefits are not yet known.

Univ. of Virginia launches clinical trial to use focused ultrasound to treat breast fibroadenomas
The clinical trial is testing whether high-intensity focused ultrasound could offer a safe and effective alternative to surgery, one that would leave no scar.

Ultrasound useful for risk stratification after nondiagnostic thyroid biopsy
Among patients with a nondiagnostic fine needle aspiration biopsy (FNAB) of thyroid nodules, the use of an ultrasound-based evaluation tool appropriately stratified patients according to malignancy risk.

Ultrasound Simulator Company Raises £4.7 Million
Cardiff University spin-out MedaPhor has raised £4.7m ahead of its planned flotation on the London Stock Exchange. The company makes ultasound simulators with haptic feedback.

Ultrasound imaging of chitosan nerve conduits that bridge sciatic nerve defects in rats
The ultrasound imaging clearly showed whether there are unsatisfactory complications after implantation, such as fracture, collapse, bleeding, or unusual swelling of the nerve conduits; and reflected the degradation mode of the nerve conduit in vivo over time.

Sonivate raising $1.6M for ultrasound probe that doctors wear on their finger
The SonicEye finger device has numerous medical applications, from wound assessments to guided biopsies. It is designed to help doctors utilize both hands and essentially allows them to look through their finger.

Ultrasound used as latest weapon to combat chlamydia in koala population
New diagnosis tool for disease that causes blindness and infertility and affects up to 90% of koalas in some locations is quicker than conventional testing methods.