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03/18/2015 Thomas Jefferson University Teaches Students Using Advanced Ultrasound Technology from Toshiba
03/14/2015 At ACC 2015, Siemens Offers Solutions for More Cardiology, Less Heartache
03/13/2015 Toshiba's Aplio Platinum Series CV
03/05/2015 Acuson P500 ultrasound system, Frosk edition
01/29/2015 SuperSonic Imagine has signed the exclusive distribution agreement with Konica Minolta
01/26/2015 AHRA and Toshiba Announce 2014 Putting Patients First Grant Winners
01/24/2015 Volpara Solutions Signs Agreement with GE Healthcare to Distribute Products to Help Improve Breast Cancer Screening for Women with Dense Breasts
12/16/2014 Hitachi Aloka Medical America and iVu Imaging Corp Announce Exclusive Agreement for Distribution of Sofia Whole Breast Ultrasound System
12/10/2014 Rex Healthcare Improves Blood Flow Visualization with Toshiba’s Aplio 500
12/02/2014 Toshiba's New Aplio Platinum Series Helps Customers Consolidate Ultrasound Services
12/02/2014 SuperSonic Imagine’s imaging platform chosen by Canon Inc. for research project on photoacoustic and ultrasonic imaging
12/02/2014 SuperSonic Imagine Receives FDA Clearance for New Musculoskeletal and Vascular Ultrasound Probes
11/16/2014 SuperSonic Imagine partners with the MUST medical project
11/03/2014 Siemens Debuts Ultrasound System For Affordable Shared Service
10/16/2014 Siemens Announces FDA Clearance of ACUSON SC2000 Prime Ultrasound System
10/14/2014 Customized Education at the Touch of a Button with Toshiba’s Performance Learning
10/10/2014 Siemens Announces New Release of ACUSON Freestyle Ultrasound System
09/29/2014 Toshiba Smart Fusion Delivers Accurate Ultrasound-Guided Biopsies at Less Cost
09/20/2014 GE Healthcare Introduces the Next Generation Pocket-Sized Ultrasound -Vscan with Dual Probe
09/14/2014 SuperSonic Imagine: The “Tor des Géants” Ultra-Marathon
09/07/2014 Programmable Button Probe Headlines the new LOGIQ e from GE Healthcare
08/16/2014 Siemens ACUSON S3000 Ultrasound System Named Best in KLAS
08/12/2014 Parker Laboratories introduces new Protex ULTRA disinfectant wipes
08/07/2014 Toshiba's Superb Micro-Vascular Imaging
07/27/2014 SuperSonic Imagine Equips the Paris Radiology Institute (IRP) with 9 Aixplorer® Ultrasound Systems
06/29/2014 FDA clearance for GE Healthcare's Vivid T8 cardiovascular ultrasound device
06/20/2014 Toshiba’s Wall Motion Tracking Showcased at ASE
06/16/2014 Cincinnati Children’s Enhances Pediatric Exams with 10 Toshiba Aplio 500 Ultrasounds
06/16/2014 SuperSonic Imagine Awarded Premier Breakthrough Technology Designation
06/03/2014 Toshiba’s Customer-Focused Ultrasound Business Outpaces U.S. Market for Second Consecutive Year
03/28/2014 At ACC 2014, Siemens Provides Solutions for Sustainable Cardiovascular Care
03/27/2014 Pacific Vascular Adds 36 Toshiba Aplio 300 Ultrasounds
03/24/2014 Toshiba’s Smart Fusion Ultrasound Technology Improves Interventional Accuracy
02/07/2014 Toshiba’s Aplio 500 Provides EPIC Imaging with Industry -Leading Depth and Detail
12/14/2013 PCI Medical Introduces New GUS Disinfectant Warmer
12/01/2013 At RSNA ’13, Siemens Offers Answers for Life
11/04/2013 Toshiba Brings Industry-Leading Depth and Detail to New Ultrasound System
10/29/2013 Aixplorer® Ultrasound System with ShearWave™ Elastography Offers A Quantitative, Non-Invasive, Pain Free Tool to Help Determine Liver Fibrosis Severity
09/21/2013 Penrose-St. Francis Expands Cardiac Care with Toshiba Ultrasound
08/22/2013 Hitachi Aloka Medical, Ltd. Introduces the F31 Diagnostic Ultrasound System
07/24/2013 Parker Laboratories Announces Newly re-designed THERMASONIC® Gel Warmers
07/12/2013 Gorilla Doctors Uses Toshiba Ultrasound To Help Save Endangered Species
06/26/2013 Toshiba's Aplio 500 Ultrasound System Named Best In KLAS
06/24/2013 Siemens Announces FDA Clearance of Virtual Touch Elastography Imaging
06/20/2013 Siemens Healthcare Settles Copyright, Trade Secret Litigation against Conquest Imaging
05/31/2013 PCI Medical Introduces Longer, Fully Enclosed GUS® Disinfection Soak Stations
05/29/2013 Toshiba Cardiac Ultrasound Top Rated in KLAS Report
05/22/2013 Toshiba's Patient-Focused Ultrasound Achieves 28 Percent Business Growth
05/13/2013 Toshiba Ultrasound Enables More Confident Pediatric Diagnoses
05/01/2013 Hitachi Aloka Medical, Ltd. Announces the New F37 Ultrasound System
04/29/2013 Siemens Opens Pa. Ultrasound Factory
04/07/2013 Toshiba Introduces Innovation 2013 for Improved Ultrasound Imaging
04/07/2013 SuperSonic Imagine Announces a Significant Financing Round
03/29/2013 GE Healthcare to Feature FDA-Approved Automated Breast Ultrasound System at NCoBC
03/09/2013 Toshiba Launches New Cardiac Ultrasound Systems at ACC
03/09/2013 At ACC '13, Siemens Delivers Solutions for Sustainable Cardiovascular Care
02/05/2013 Oregon Institute of Technology Installs 16 Toshiba Ultrasound Systems
12/06/2012 Siemens Releases syngo.Ultrasound Breast Analysis Software
12/04/2012 Siemens Showcases World's First Wireless Ultrasound System at RSNA
11/29/2012 ShearWave™ Elastography Acknowledged for Improving Diagnostic Performance of Ultrasound
11/28/2012 Toshiba Brings Back Industry's Best Ultrasound Warranty Program
11/20/2012 Siemens Announces New, Cost-Competitive Ultrasound System
10/05/2012 Toshiba Expands ASSURANCE Program to Ultrasound
10/01/2012 SuperSonic Receives FDA Clearance for Elastography Numerical Scale
09/23/2012 Toshiba Showcases Aplio 500 with Fly Thru Technology at SDMS
09/02/2012 NICE publishes guidance for ultrasound testing to diagnose liver cancer
08/21/2012 Siemens Healthcare to Acquire Penrith Corporation
08/20/2012 Asante Installs 15 Toshiba Ultrasound Units
07/06/2012 Philips announces CX50 xMATRIX
07/01/2012 Parker's Aquasonic 100 Gel Meets Stringent Safety and Quality Standards
06/28/2012 Siemens introduces Acuson P300 compact portable ultrasound system
06/24/2012 GE Healthcare Technology Unveiled at London 2012 Polyclinic
06/15/2012 Kurt Kelln named Executive VP Sales and Marketing and CBO for SuperSonic Imagine
06/15/2012 AHRA And Toshiba Announce Fifth Annual Putting Patients First Program
06/11/2012 Toshiba Partners With United Medical Instruments To Distribute Ultrasound Systems
05/13/2012 Hitachi Aloka Medical working to establish standards for the validation of vascular imaging
05/06/2012 Toshiba's Ultrasound Systems Offer Advanced Imaging Technologies And Superior Ergonomics
04/21/2012 Proven Benefits of ShearWave™ Elastography
03/26/2012 Toshiba's Ultrasound Systems Feature Advanced Imaging And Superior Ergonomics For Interventional Procedures
03/22/2012 Siemens Outlines Solutions for Sustainable Cardiovascular Care at ACC '12
03/22/2012 Toshiba's Newest Ultrasound Systems Offer Breakthrough Imaging Technologies and Advanced Cardiac Capabilities
03/11/2012 Siemens Expands ACUSON S Family of Premium Ultrasound Systems for Easier Access to Innovations
03/10/2012 FDA Clears Siemens' New ACUSON SC2000 Ultrasound System, Release 2.0
02/08/2012 Toshiba Installs First Aplio 500 Ultrasound System at Spectrum Health
02/01/2012 Safe and Clean Transducer Rack Product Line Expanded
12/12/2011 Congestive Heart Failure and Coronary Heart Disease (CHD) can be diagnosed and treated earlier using new techniques
11/30/2011 Siemens Unveils New Ultra-Premium Ultrasound System at RSNA 2011
11/27/2011 Toshiba Launches Aplio 300 Ultrasound System
11/27/2011 Toshiba Launches Aplio 500 with Fly Thru and Smart Fusion
10/16/2011 Toshiba's Viamo Ultrasound System Improves Diagnostic Confidence and Workflow in Emergency Department
09/22/2011 Toshiba’s Ultrasound Systems Enhance Diagnostic Confidence And Workflow In Today’s Healthcare Environment
08/31/2011 SuperSonic Imagine Unites Color Flow Imaging with Pulsed Wave Doppler
08/24/2011 Hitachi Aloka Medical Ltd. European debut at WFUMB in Vienna
08/14/2011 Toshiba's Patient-Focused Technologies Help Physicians Provide Safer, More Accurate Exams
07/31/2011 GE Ultrasound is ‘Best in KLAS’
07/10/2011 New PROTEX™ Disinfectant Spray and Wipes
07/09/2011 Ultrasound guided liver surgery makes tumour removal safer
07/03/2011 Aquasonic 100 Gel Now in a Single Use Packette
06/30/2011 Zonare Scores in KLAS Report
06/13/2011 Toshiba Announces Top KLAS Cardiovascular Rating, Tying for First Overall
05/18/2011 GE Healthcare Introduces Voluson S-Series Ultrasound Systems for Women’s Health
04/24/2011 Philips achieves top rankings in IMV ServiceTrak Ultrasound Report
04/18/2011 Russian Ministry of Health Finances Innovative Ultrasound Systems For Public Healthcare
03/20/2011 Siemens is helping the victims of the disaster in Japan
03/08/2011 SuperSonic Imagine Reports Validation of Clinical Benefits of ShearWave™ Elastography, Demonstrating Increased Performance in Breast Cancer Diagnosis.
03/08/2011 Aixplorer® MultiWave™ Technology brings physicians unrivalled diagnostic confidence with its new 3D breast imaging package
03/06/2011 BK Medical Introduces Flex Focus 700 Ultrasound System With Interventional Radiology Capabilities at the ECR
02/23/2011 ALOKA-Europe: ALOKA's e-flow technology provides a more detailed insertional Tendinopathy diagnosis than MRI
02/20/2011 Toshiba Announces FDA Clearance of AUTO-IMT Ultrasound Software
02/12/2011 Zonare Provides z.one Ultrasound System for Medical Missions to Guatemala
12/19/2010 SuperSonic Imagine Raises €34.5 Million in Series C Financing
12/07/2010 Hologic Signs Exclusive U.S. Breast Ultrasound Partnership Agreement With SuperSonic Imagine
11/29/2010 Toshiba Enhances Aplio XG with Women's Imaging Configuration
11/22/2010 Intra-Operative Ultrasound Proven Cost Effective and Minimally Invasive for Neurosurgery
11/16/2010 ALOKA Ultrasound Announces Compatibility of All Intraoperative Transducers with STERRAD® NX™ and 100NX™ Sterilization Systems from ASP
11/01/2010 GE Healthcare Introduces Latest Enhancements to Vivid E9 for Cardiovascular Ultrasound
10/26/2010 ZONARE Ranked Among Fastest Growing Companies
10/14/2010 ALOKA unveils new flagship ProSound F75 model to European market at ISUOG 2010