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The new case 374 comes from Slovak authors - Anton Cunderlik and his colleagues from University Teaching Hospital of Ladislav Derer (Kramare), Bratislava, Slovak Republic.

Yes, yes…simple images, but many possible answers. 

Philippe & Franti





New "Fetal Echocardiography, The normal examination (release 2)" available for FREE :)

The new version of the Fetal Echo as a free download. This is a 8-hour long lecture that updates and replace the previous version. It will have 10 different languages, but not all of them are available yet. 

This is for PC only or Mac with PC compatibility!

I am a big believer in free education but unfortunately doing these lectures cost a LOT of money, so we will try to see if voluntary donations will support continuing this type of work.

You can find the lecture under Articles > Lectures > Fetal Echo Part 1

Languages already available include: English, Russian, Chinese, Vietnamese, German, Italian, 

Those interested in Continuing Medical Education can get 8 hours of
Category 1 AMA CME for it.

Over 4000 downloads/DVD already! 

Enjoy !

Facial Clefts: Another short new lecture is available under Lectures > Facial clefts

Ultrasound equipment in 5-10 years ? What should it be ?

Now that everyone has seen the gigantic progresses of cell phone and other gadgets, what would be the features you would like to see in your future machines ? Resolution, transducers, screens, functions, interfaces, communications, dream big ! The 5 best ideas will get a free DVD of your choice ! Send me your ideas

Can you help?

There are still sonographers and sonologist who have not been on Can you help making folks in your country aware of it ?  I would very much appreciate! 

Available lectures (Downloadable, CDs and DVD):

Fetal Cardiac drawings ($10)
DVD- Fetal Echocardiography: The Normal examination (free)

Category 1 AMA CME for Fetal echo

DVD- Fetal Echocardiography: Part II: the anomalies ($130),  
Ecografia del corazon fetal $70 by Dr Martinez (Spanish)

How to diagnose difficult cases ($10)

Pitfalls & Artifacts ($40)    


The Umbilical Cord


Facial clefts (free download) 

The Ultrasound of Life. ($120). DVD by Dr. Ian Suchet

Sonohystero ($10)

Fetal Tumors ($60)

Skeletal dysplasia: The Findings ($60)
Arts & Skeletal Anomalies (free)

Amniotic fluid


CME are available here.


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