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Teresita L. Angtuaco, MD, FACR, FAIUM, FSRU
Teresita L. Angtuaco, MD, FACR, FAIUM, FSRU
Solving the Dilemmas of PUL (Pregnancy of Unknown Location)
Released: Mar 01, 2015 | Time: 54 min
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Robert D. Harris, MD, MPH
Robert D. Harris, MD, MPH
Borderlands in Obstetrical Ultrasound
Released: Feb 22, 2015 | Time: 33 min
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SuperSonic Imagine Announces Partnership With Unetixs Vascular
SuperSonic Imagine has announced a partnership with U.S.-based Unetixs Vascular, Inc. to bring SuperSonic's technology to more customers in the vascular market.

Ultrasound may help identify interstitial lung disease in patients with rheumatic diseases
Transthoracic sonography may be a sensitive, non-invasive tool for identifying and monitoring early-stage interstitial lung disease in patients with rheumatoid arthritis, systemic sclerosis and systemic lupus erythematosus.

Safe and cost-effective ultrasound guided removal of retained intrauterine device
Retained intrauterine devices with or without strings can often be safely removed in an office-based setting under ultrasound guidance at less cost than in the operating room, even in cases with embedded IUDs.

The Utility of Transvaginal Ultrasound in the Emergency Department Evaluation of Complications of First Trimester Pregnancy
ED LOS was significantly shorter for women who received ED TVU after indeterminate ED TAU compared to those sent to radiology for TVU, with more marked time savings among those with live IUP diagnosed on ED TVU.

Laboratory Tests Used in Combination with Ultrasound Findings Identify Children Who Need Surgical Treatment for Appendicitis
New diagnostic approach can readily be adapted to other institutions’ practice settings according to new Journal of American College of Surgeons study.

Automatic Quantification of Heart Valves from Ultrasound
Siemens has developed software that uses advanced knowledge based data analytics to model heart valves from 3D Ultrasound images and automatically quantify geometrical dimensions.

MedUni Vienna Implements New Model to Teach Ultrasound Techniques
A peer teaching model designed for medical students has been offered at the school since 2007. The approach helps students enlarge their knowledge on ultrasound by themselves.

Ultrasound of Optic Nerve Could Aid Stroke Prognosis
For every millimeter increase in optic nerve sheath diameter, the risk of death within six months was four times higher in patients with ischemic stroke, and six times higher in those with hemorrhagic stroke.

Attacking Alzheimer’s with Ultrasound
NIH-funded study reveals a new technique to decrease Alzheimer’s symptoms in mice

IVUS-assisted catheter-directed thrombolysis did not enhance thrombus resolution
The addition of IVUS to a fixed-dose catheter thrombolysis regimen failed to facilitate thrombus resolution in patients with acute iliofemoral deep vein thrombosis in the BERNUTIFUL trial.

Ultrasonic Helmet Lets Anyone See Like a Bat
The device features a speaker at its crown, which emits ultrasonic chirps like a bat. Returning echoes are recorded and the echoes slowed by a factor of 20 and presented to the user as audible sound.

Carestream Health Donates $1 Million in New Ultrasound Systems to Ultrasound School
The donation to the Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program at Rochester Institute of Technology will benefit students and faculty while helping Carestream’s design of new ultrasound systems.

Portable Ultrasound to Detect Potential heart attacks and stroke
Recent research reveals that portable ultrasound can reveal plaques in peripheral arteries that may lead to heart attacks and strokes before symptoms arise, in both developed and developing country settings.

Simplified lung ultrasound protocol shows excellent prediction of extravascular lung water in ventilated intensive care patients
A simplified lung ultrasound four-region protocol proved to be time saving, correlated well to transpulmonary thermodilution measurements and performed markedly better than chest radiography.

Simple hand-held ultrasound can diagnose postoperative urinary retention
In patients who don't resume normal urination after surgery, a simple ultrasound test can accurately diagnose the common problem of postoperative urinary retention (POUR).

Ultrasound Narrows Which Breast Cancer Patients Need Lymph Nodes Removed
A new study finds that not all women with lymph node-positive breast cancer treated with chemotherapy before surgery need to have all of their underarm nodes taken out.

Ultrasound technology championed for speech therapy
The machine allows children to make vocal noises, then see how that moves their tongue from a vantage point previously impossible.

Ultrasound shows reduced tenosynovitis after biologics in RA | Rheumatology
The use of ultrasound successfully showed the reduction of tenosynovitis in patients with rheumatoid arthritis before and after beginning treatment with biologic disease-modifying anti-rheumatic drugs, according to recently presented study data.

Ultrasound Accurately Predicts Difficult Intubations
The use of ultrasound to measure airway dimensions in order to predict difficult intubations has been proven reliable, potentially opening the door for its use in such situations.

Daxsonics works toward production of ultra-sharp imagery at 30-50 MHz
Using high-frequency array-based ultrasound imaging the company believes they can produce sharper images existing systems.

Ultrasound-Assisted Thrombolysis Fails to Boost Thrombus Resolution in Acute Iliofemoral DVT
Small trial compares conventional, ultrasound-assisted catheter-directed thrombolysis in patients with acute iliofemoral DVT. Thrombus load reduction comparable with both approaches

DNA Blood Test Gives Women A New Option For Prenatal Screening
This kind of test, called cell free fetal DNA testing, uses a blood sample from an expectant mother to analyze bits of fetal DNA that have leaked into her bloodstream.

Pulsed ultrasound and microbubbles used to remove carotid plaque
Feasibility study tested use of pulsed high-intensity ultrasound and microbubbles to mechanically remove carotid artery plaque in a rabbit model.

Estonian Company Offers To 3D Print A Portion of Your Unborn Child
There’s another entrant in the scan-and-print-your-fetus service line as an Estonian 3D technology company has announced a service they say gives parents-to-be the the opportunity to hold their expected bundle of joy in their hands before the moment of birth.

Targeted MRI/ultrasound beats standard biopsy to detect high-risk prostate cancer
Researchers found that 30 percent more high-risk prostate cancers were diagnosed with targeted fusion-guided biopsy than with standard biopsy. In addition, 17 percent fewer low-risk cancers were diagnosed with the new approach, compared to the older method.

Initial diagnostic test in ED for chest pain did not affect low rate of heart attack
Study challenges value of diagnostic testing in low-risk ED patients with chest pain.

New Breast Exam Nearly Quadruples Detection of Invasive Breast Cancers in Women with Dense Breast Tissue
Molecular Breast Imaging (MBI) pioneered at Mayo Clinic nearly quadruples detection rates of invasive breast cancers in women with dense breast tissue, according to the results of a major study published this week in the American Journal of Roentgenology.

Holographic Images for Healthcare
It looks like something out of a science fiction film: a human heart floating in mid-air in such a way that a doctor can walk around it and see it in action from all sides.

AMSSM Position Statement on Interventional Ultrasound in Sports Medicine and New Curriculum Published
The position statement concludes that Ultrasound-guided injections are more accurate, efficacious and cost-effective than landmark-guided injections and that ultrasound-guidance is required to perform many new, advanced procedures.

Debating The Value of Ultrasound In Breast Cancer Screening
Results from a Connecticut study have some clinicians proclaiming that all women with dense breasts who have a negative mammogram should be offered an ultrasound.

Three tips to avoid costly ultrasound probe damage
The life expectancy of today's sophisticated ultrasound probes is literally "in the hands" of the sonographers and echocardiographers who use them every day in the course of providing patient care.

Treadmill, Stairmaster, UltrasoundMachine?
Video report on use of a laptop-based ultrasound system for measuring body fat and muscle in a gym setting.

Ultrasound May Detect Atherosclerotic Disease Before Symptoms
Ultrasound of bilateral iliofemoral arteries may detect plaques in peripheral arteries before the appearance of symptoms of atherosclerotic disease, according to an article published in the journal, Global Heart.

Ultrasound halo present in giant cell arteritis at baseline, diminishes with treatment
A halo present on arterial segments was seen in patients with newly diagnosed giant cell arteritis, but the marker diminished after 7 days of treatment with glucocorticoids.