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We are pleased to announce the release of the first of a large group of new CME activities on SonoWorld that will award AMA PRA Category 1 CME credit.  
The new releases include:

Pediatric Chest Ultrasound 
Sonographic Evaluation of Postpartum Pain
Epidemiology of AAA Screening: Basic Concepts for Ultrasound
Scrotal Ultrasound: The Essentials
Fluid in Too Many Spaces and Places: Hydrops
Aunt Minnie’s Ovary: Patterns, Pearls, and Pitfalls in Adnexal Imaging
Imaging Placenta Accreta
Renal Sonography: Renal Lesions Hiding in Plain Sight 
Pediatric Scrotal Ultrasound
Sonographic Evaluation of Right Lower Quadrant Non-Gynecologic Pain

All the above CME activities are now available under the CME tab on the home page main menu.  

A special thanks to all the great speakers who have given us permission to offer Cat 1 CME based on their lecture.  We look forward to making your learning experience on SonoWorld even better by adding availability of CME credits on selected lectures as an added benefit.  

Check for new releases under the CME tab each time you visit, and subscribe to the weekly update email newsletter that will keep you up to date on what's new on SonoWorld each week.
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Dolores Pretorius, MD, FACR, FAIUM, FSRU
Dolores Pretorius, MD, FACR, FAIUM, FSRU
Fetal Heart Screening Guidelines – Basic and High Risk
Released: Nov 22, 2015 | Time: 32 min
Myron A. Pozniak, MD
Myron A. Pozniak, MD
Ultrasound Imaging of Portal Hypertension
Released: Nov 15, 2015 | Time: 45 min
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News Stories
Using intravascular ultrasound in stent implantation improves cardiac outcomes
After one year, patients with long coronary lesions who were implanted with an intravascular ultrasound-guided everolimus-eluting stent had a significantly lower rate of major adverse cardiac events compared with those implanted with an angiography-guided stent.

Ultrasound-mediated oncolytic virus delivery and uptake review
Oncolytic viruses can selectively replicate within and destroy a cancer cell, thus making them a powerful therapeutic in treating late-stage or metastatic cancer. This article reviews current state of the art in delivery via microbubbles and ultrasound.

Ultrasound captures rat brain in microscopic 3D
Scientists in France have developed an ultrasound technique based on microbubble contrast that can rapidly build up a 3D view of a network of blood vessels, in microscopic detail.

UK researchers develop pancreatic cancer treatment 'breakthrough'
The treatment uses oxygen filled microbubbles which have inactive drug attached to the surface, delivered by injection and then burst once inside the tumour by ultrasound waves that also activate the drug...

EC project makes finger scanner for early diagnosis of arthritis
A prototype system based on optoacoustic and hyperspectral imaging has been developed as part of an EC-funded project to give early diagnosis of arthritis of the hands.

Low-intensity continuous ultrasound triggers bisphosphonate anticancer activity
The research study suggests that low-intensity ultrasound has a potential significant role in treating bone mets from breast cancer.


3D Ultrasound Gives Surgical Precision to Anesthesia
This one is interesting because the researchers propose to have a computer "interpret" the images by comparing obtained images in real time against a template, allowing the user to effectively guide injections without actually recognizing what is on the ultrasound screen.

Sciatic Nerve Blockade Using Ultrasound identification of landmark only
A novel methodology for identifying the sciatic nerve before blockade has been developed. That task is often challenging, particularly in morbidly obese patients. Results are mixed, but technique may provide alternative approach to palpation.

MIT Researchers Developing Method for Non-Invasive ICP Measurement Using Ultrasound
The estimate of ICP is based on two measurements: arterial blood flow velocity in the brain and the arterial blood pressure waveform (the complete profile of blood pressure throughout a cardiac cycle).

Grand Challenge Grant-Ultrasound Strain and Time-of-Flight for Diagnosing Pneumonia
Jonathan Rubin of the University of Michigan in the U.S. received a grant to develop a simple, low-cost ultrasound device with cell phone display that can diagnose children with co-existing pneumonia and malnutrition.

Signostics Moves to USA and Picks Up 35 Million Investment
Signostics, a start-up innovator in the field of highly miniaturized ultrasound technology, today announced a private investment of $35 million dollars from KKR, a leading global investment firm.

Evena Medical Launches First Smart Glasses for Clinicians at MEDICA 2015 with Ultrasound for Deep Tissue Vascular Imaging
Evena Eyes-On® Glasses 3.0 Features Patented Wearable Ultrasound as well as Multispectral Light for Vein Detection, Venipuncture

Tricorder-Like Technology Could Provide Contact-Free Ultrasound
Stanford Scientists have developed “tricorder-like” technology using radio frequency and ultrasound to detect embedded objects in highly dispersive materials, such as water, mud, or human tissue. The technology was originally intended to safely locate buried explosives.

Tiny Bubbles plus Ultrasound Turn Water Into Effective Cleaning Tool
The simplicity of ‘Starstream,’ invented by two researchers from the University of Southampton, England, promises to change the way we clean our bodies as well as objects we use, from kitchen tools to medical instruments.

3 imaging procedures linked to medical overuse in 2014
The three were screening for asymptomatic carotid stenosis, screening for diagnostic thyroid cancer—both of which widely use ultrasonography—and head CT.

Could you measure my placenta, please?
Yale researchers have launched a ResearchKit app EPV for pregnant women to track the growth of their baby’s placenta. Researchers are interested in knowing the correlation between Estimated Placental Volume (EPV) and pregnancy outcomes.

New Thyroid Cancer Guidelines Reflect Altered Treatment Landscape
An increase in thyroid cancer diagnoses has led to unnecessary biopsies and surgeries. New guidelines from the American Thyroid Association endorse close observation as a possible treatment option for many small papillary thyroid tumors rather than surgery.

Abdominal Fat Early in Pregnancy Predicts Gestational Diabetes
A prospective cohort study published in Diabetes Care suggests that abdominal adiposity is a predictive marker of gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) appearing later in pregnancy.

Lawsuit tossed in Florida ultrasound-training case
Last May, three female students in an ultrasound technologist program sued Valencia College in Orlando, Fla., alleging two professors forced them to undergo vaginal sonograms in class. A federal judge has now thrown out the suit.

Adding ultrasound to breast screening results in higher rate of detection for women in Japan
Adding ultrasound to standard mammography tests in breast screening could result in improved rates of detection for breast cancer in women in Japan, according to a new study, published in The Lancet.

Ultrasound Reveals How Speech Sounds Are Formed
The Department of Phonetics at the University of Turku is the first one in the world to combine both ultrasound technology and research on the evoked potentials of the brain in the development of language education.

New Ways of Quickly Diagnosing Children Most At Risk for Pneumonia
Astoundingly, pneumonia continues to be the #1 infectious killer of children under the age of five worldwide – more than HIV, TB and malaria combined.

Elastography helping reduce false positives in breast imaging
The technology, ShearWave Elastography (SWE), has been shown to reduce the number of benign lesions incorrectly flagged for biopsy. Even more important, this technique can help avert false negative diagnoses in patients who are ultimately found to have breast cancer.

Interesting Jobs you Probably Do Not Want!
Texas Federal Correctional Institution (Prison) La Tuna is seeking a mobile ultrasound technician. The offer states that the technician will be provided a room inside the institution with staff security.

Increased surveillance may explain post-Fukushima pediatric thyroid cancers
More cases of thyroid cancer are being seen in Japanese youth after the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident, but the increased incidence may be an artifact of heightened surveillance.

Ultrasound Therapy Shows Promise in Treating the Most Common Breast Implant Complication
Hardening, discomfort and elevation of breast implants, known as “capsular contracture” was treated with therapeutic ultrasound in this study. The author theorizes that the ultrasound makes biofilm organisms more vulnerable to the body's immune system.

Ultrasound vs CT for Pediatric Appendicitis: Are We Missing Anything?
Concerns about radiation exposure along with improving ultrasound technology have resulted in a general reduction in the use of CT and a concomitant increase in the use of ultrasound in the evaluation and diagnosis of appendicitis in children. This study asks "Are we missing anything?"

Assessing rheumatoid arthritis with light
A new noninvasive technology, optical spectral transmission measurements, performed moderately well in the detection of joint inflammation in patients with RA and was similar to ultrasound in its overall sensitivity.

Ultrasound Boosts Breast Cancer Detection in Japanese Women
Adding ultrasound to mammography screening tests could improve rates of breast cancer detection in Japanese women, according to a new study.

Two-in-one Breast Scanner
A Cape Town hospital is testing a newly developed scanner that combines x-ray and ultrasound into a single device.

Acoustic Holograms Form Ultrasonic Tractor Beams for Tiny Objects
Researchers at the Public University of Navarre in Spain have used ultrasonic acoustic holograms to manipulate things just like the tractor beam used by the crew of the USS Enterprise on the TV show Star Trek.

New Guideline Stresses Role of Ultrasound in Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis
A task force of rheumatologists, radiologists and patients has developed nine points to consider in the clinical management of juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA).

The Speed of Sound: A Day in the Life of Ultrasound in the ER
An narrative on the uses of ultrasound in a typical day in the ER.