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The Pain Everyone Feels
Author(s): Prof. Thomas Binder, MD, FESC

The Pain Everyone Feels

Associate Professor Thomas Binder MD FESC

A Great Community

A great community is invaluable to medicine, and we wish to begin this article by thanking all the survey participants from the Sonoworld community for their contributions within our previous newsletter.

The results and feedback of the “Tell us about your Pain” survey were truly incredible, and we’ve analyzed the data to share with you some of the more important findings. More than anything, we wish to make sure you know that the issues you face are not isolated: in fact, as you will see, pain points are universal.

Survey Results

As an overview of the ~500 participants, the majority of professionals (53%) completed 11-50 scans per week with 51-100 scans per week (35%) coming second. The majority of these exams were completed in hospitals (57%) or clinics (33%).


Where the findings became particularly interesting was with respect to the pain professionals experience. Of the preselected options for technologists[1] and non-technologists (all other medical professionals), the top two sources of pain were both, 1) MSK Pain, and 2) patient overload. After these first two factors, poor referrals for technologists and financial compensation for non-technologists were reported as the 3rd pain factors.

Incredibly, a lack of education, despite being a necessity for continued professional performance, was expressed as a pain factor by 70% of all users.


While the open answer questions provided additional, invaluable insights. Participants expressed a multitude of professional pain factors, from patient related issues and facilities and equipment to general working conditions, all of which strained professional performance and general health.



Overall, it is clear that physical and mental stress that accompanies professional duties and the lack of appropriate patient volumes for study are a universal issue. That’s why we have included an excellent video to help reduce this negative impact immediately. Please find the link by clicking on the thumbnail above!


Don’t forget to watch for more relevant content over the next few months as we continue to address your suggestions and requirements to become better, healthier professionals.


Yours sincerely,


Thomas Binder

[1] Includes Sonographers, Vascular Technologist, Echocardiographer, Student Sonographers