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Abdomen » Kidneys/Ureters
3D multislice ultrasound of normal kidney
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Presentation A presumed normal adult model was scanned with the Medison Accuvix XQ Ultrasound System. A 3D volume of the right kidney was acquired and the images displayed in Multi-Slice ViewTM.
Caption: Sagittal (longitudinal) planes of right kidney
Description: Multi-Slice display of sagittal planes of right kidney at 4 mm increments.
Description: Multi-Slice display of transverse planes of right kidney from upper pole through lower pole at 5 mm increments.
Caption: Coronal views right kidney
Description: Reconstructed coronal plane images of the right kidney at 1 mm increments.
Differential Diagnosis


Final Diagnosis Normal kidney images

Multi-Slice View(TM) is a Medison display methodology based on 3D data acquisition.  All images in this case were reconstructed from a single 3D data volume acquired in a few seconds.  Although the original 3D data volume spatially represents a three-dimensional truncated cone, the Multi-Slice View software reconstructs from this data volume a series of parallel slices similar to the data presentation format for CT or MRI. The interval of the slices is under the control of the user, and different intervals may be applied to each plane reconstructed from the 3D data volume

Multi-Slice Display from a 3D data volume is available on the Medison Accuvix system.  For more information visit the Accuvix web site at

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