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Abdomen » Liver & Biliary System
Adenocarcinoma of ampulla of Vater
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Author(s) :
Qiang Lu, MD
Presentation A middle aged man presents with jaundice and epigastric pain. An ultrasound scan was performed.
Caption: Subcostal oblique scan
Description: This image shows dilated intrahepatic bile ducts.
Caption: Scan of the mid-abdomen
Description: This image demonstrates a dilated pancreatic duct.
Caption: Para-sagittal scan of the right upper quadrant
Description: This image shows a dilated extrahepatic common bile duct. The common duct and the main pancreatic duct are seen coursing together towards the duodenum.
Caption: Oblique scan of upper quadrant
Description: An irregular hypoechoic solid-appearing mass, seen in close proximity to the ampulla of Vater,protrudes into the duodenum.
Caption: Magnified image of the area of concern
Description: This is a magnified image of the mass which appears to be arising from the ampulla of Vater.
Differential Diagnosis Ampullary malignancy,
Pancreatic duct neoplasm,
Intraductal Cholangiocarcinoma,
Final Diagnosis Adenocarcinoma of ampulla of Vater
Follow Up This patient was operated upon and the final diagnosis confirmed by histopathology. 
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