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Antenatal cystic hygroma
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Author(s) :
Vikram Dogra, MD
Presentation A 25 year old woman referred for gestational age assessment.
Caption: Transverse image of the fetal neck
Description: A large cystic lesion is seen in the neck.
Caption: Sagittal view of the fetus
Description: The large cystic lesion is noted again arising from the neck.
Differential Diagnosis Cystic hygroma
Final Diagnosis Cystic hygroma
Discussion This case demonstrates the classic appearance of cystic hygroma, detected antenatally. This article [click here] gives a brief overview of this entity.

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Follow Up Karyotyping of the fetus revealed monosomy, and the diagnosis of cystic hygroma was confirmed pathologically postnatally. Other associated anomalies were also discovered and the fetus was diagnosed with Turner’s syndrome.
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