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Pelvis » Female Pelvis (Gynecology)
Bicornuate uterus with gestational sac in one horn
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Author(s) :
Chaitali Shah, FRCR
Presentation A 28 year old woman with 3 months of amenorrhea presented for routine antenatal ultrasound. The following observations were made on transabdominal ultrasound.
Caption: Transverse view of the uterus
Description: A true gestational sac with the embryo is seen in an eccentrically located endometrial cavity.
Caption: Transverse view of the uterus
Description: Two endometrial cavities are seen in this image with a gestational sac seen in the left cavity.
Caption: Sagittal view of the uterus
Description: The two endometrial cavities are well demonstrated in this plane and are seen placed wide apart. There appears to be one cervix.
Caption: Right para-sagittal view of the uterus
Description: The right horn of the uterus is seen showing a thick reactive decidual reaction in response to the gestation in the left horn.
Caption: Left para-sagittal section of the uterus
Description: The left horn of the uterus demonstrates the gestational sac. A small echogenic subchorionic bleed is seen in the inferior part of the sac.
Differential Diagnosis Bicornuate/septate uterus with gestational sac in left horn
Final Diagnosis Bicornuate uterus with a normal intrauterine pregnancy of about 7 weeks in the left horn. A small subchorionic bleed was also noted.
Discussion An article on various uterine malformations has been discussed in an earlier published case [click here to view]
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