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Breast abscess
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Presentation A young lactating woman presents with severe pain and reddish area behind and around the left nipple. An ultrasound of the left breast was performed.
Caption: Ultrasound of left breast
Description: Another view showing the breast abscess. Note the ill-defined margins of the abscess wall.
Caption: Ultrasound of the left breast
Description: A complex cystic mass is seen in the left retro-areolar region. The mass shows dirty inhomogeneous echoes within. This is suggestive of an abscess. A sinus tract arising from the abscess and reaching upto the skin is noted. There was probe tenderness
Caption: Ultrasound of the left breast
Description: The characteristics of the abscess - an ill-defined complex cystic mass with heterogeneous internal echoes, are well-seen in this image. Few highly echogenic linear specs are seen within the abscess, which possibly represents air.
Caption: Color Doppler- left breast
Description: No intrinsic vascularity is noted in the abscess. The wall of the abscess shows a few vessels coursing alongside it.
Differential Diagnosis Breast abscess
Final Diagnosis Breast abscess
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