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Carcinoma in ectopic breast tissue
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Presentation A 36-year-old woman presents with a mass in the right axilla. Mammogram and ultrasound examination was performed.
Caption: Cranio-caudal mammograms
Description: Both breasts reveal no abnormality in this image.
Caption: Mediolateral oblique views
Description: Multiple masses are seen in the right axillary area and are highly suspicious for malignancy. The rest of the breast parenchyma appears normal.
Caption: Ultrasound of the right axillary mass
Description: The mass appears solid, is spiculated and is highly suspicious for malignancy.
Differential Diagnosis Malignancy
Final Diagnosis Carcinoma in ectopic breast tissue
Discussion • This is a very rare malignancy and there are few references in the literature.
• Most cases are referenced in the axillary breast tissue. These may clinically present as a pigmented skin nodule which usually represents an ectopic nipple.
• Ectopic nipples and accessory breast tissue can occur anywhere along the nipple line from the axilla to the pelvis
• On physical examination there is unusual firmness under the ectopic nipple suggestive of a mass.
• Mammograms will show an asymmetric density or discrete mass.
• Sonograms will demonstrate a solid mass. 
Case References 1. Aviles Izquierdo JA et al. Pigmented axillary nodule; carcinoma of an axillary breast. Dermatol Surg 2005 Feb; 31(2)237-9
2. Oshida K et al. Phylllodes tumor arising in ectopic tissue of the axilla Breast cancer 2003: 10(1) 82-84
Follow Up Biopsy of the mass revealed carcinoma in ectopic breast tissue
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