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Pelvis » Female Pelvis (Gynecology)
Sub-septate uterus
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Author(s) :
Chaitali Shah, FRCR
Presentation This is a young woman presenting with chronic pelvic pain. She has regular menstrual cycles.
Caption: Reconstructed Coronal Plane of Uterus
Description: A uterine duplication anomaly is noted with two seperate endometrial cavities. No obvious notch is visualized in the region of the uterine fundus.
Caption: Reconstructed Coronal Plane of Uterus
Description: The two endometrial complexes are visualized and appear highly echogenic.
Caption: Sonohysterography: Transverse uterus
Description: Both the endometrial cavities are distended with fluid and show multiple echogenic endoluminal nodules. These are consistent with polyps.
Caption: Sonohysterography: Reconstructed coronal view
Description: This is a coronal view of the uterus following sonohysterography. The endometrial polyps in both the uterine cavities are illustrated well in this image.
Differential Diagnosis Uterine duplication anomaly [can be bicornuate, sub-septate or uterus didelphyis]. The echogenic material within the endometrial cavities could represent either polyps or blood clots.
Final Diagnosis Subseptate uterus with a septated cervix; both the endometrial cavities had polyps.
Follow Up Sonohysterogram and MRI confirmed the findings of a subseptate uterus with polyps in both the endometrial cavities.
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