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Focal Renal Infarct
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Author(s) :
Danilo Sirigu, MD
Presentation 45 year old male with acute onset right flank pain.
Caption: Right kidney
Description: .
Caption: Transabdominal imaging of the right kidney
Description: B-mode gray scale is followed by color Doppler of the right kidney
Caption: Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound
Description: CEUS of the right kidney outlines a region of the upper pole that is not perfused.
Final Diagnosis Renal Infarct
Discussion Transabdominal ultrasound suggests a hypoechoic area in the upper pole of the right kidney.  The area exhibits no significant mass effect on the contour of the kidney or the surrounding structures.  Color Doppler of the kidney suggests possibility of poor vascularization of upper pole, but is no definitive.  Administration of ultrasound contrast outlines a focal area in the upper pole that is not perfused, confirming the hypoechoic area as a renal infarct.
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