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Chaitali Shah, FRCR
Presentation A young woman presents with a history of chronic dull pain in the lower abdomen. An ultrasound was performed. She has a past history of pelvic inflammatory disease, for which she was treated.
Caption: Transverse scan of the pelvis
Description: A left adnexal fluid filled tubular structure, serpinigineous in nature, is seen adjacent to the uterus.
Caption: Sagittal scan of the pelvis
Description: The distended tubular structure is seen again, which most likely is a markedly dilated left fallopian tube. The fluid within the tube shows no internal reflections.
Caption: Color Doppler image of the left adnexa
Description: No internal vascularity is seen in the dilated fallopian tube.
Differential Diagnosis Hydrosalpinx
Final Diagnosis Hydrosalpinx
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