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Ileal duplication cyst in a neonate
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Chaitali Shah, FRCR
Presentation This neonate had an antenatal diagnosis of an intraabdominal cyst. The cyst had been decompressed antenatally by aspiration which yielded a yellowish tinged fluid, however the cyst filled up again. This is the scan performed on day 3 after birth.
Caption: Transverse scan at the level of the right kidney
Description: A cystic structure is seen medial to the right kidney. The right kidney otherwise appears normal.
Caption: Midline transverse image of the abdomen
Description: A completely cystic structure is seen in the lower midline. It has a thin wall.
Caption: dummy
Description: The midline cystic mass that was noted earlier is seen to extend predominantly into the right lower quadrant. A fluid distended bowel loop is seen leading from the cystic mass and courses along the left lower quadrant.
Caption: Transverse scan of the pelvis
Description: The cystic structure is seen extending into the pelvis and is seen to be separate from the bladder.
Differential Diagnosis Ileal duplication cyst in a neonate
Final Diagnosis Ileal duplication cyst in a neonate
Follow Up A contrast enema was performed, which showed the bowel to be intrinsically normal but compressed. A duplication cyst arising from the distal ileum was seen at surgery. The cyst shared a common wall with the corresponding portion of the ileum and was resected along with a segment of the ileum. Additionally malrotation of the bowel loops was seen.
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