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Infective inguinal lymphadenitis
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Presentation A 35-year-old man presents with a mass in the right inguinal area. Multiple lymph nodes could be palpated clinically. An ultrasound of the right inguinal region was performed.
Caption: Sagittal view of a palpable lymph node in the right groin
Description: The lymph node is enlarged and appears strikingly hypoechoic. The echogenic fatty hilum can be faintly visualized.
Caption: Transverse view of another lymph node
Description: This node appears enlarged and hypoechoic. Multiple such nodes were seen in the right groin.
Caption: Color Doppler view of one of the nodes
Description: Increased vascularity is noted.
Caption: Color Doppler view of another node in the groin
Description: This node also shows increased vascularity.
Caption: Color Doppler view of another adjacent lymph node
Description: This enlarged node contains an area which is devoid of color, suggesting the presence of necrosis or a developing abscess. The rest of the node demonstrates increased vascularity, compatible with an acute inflammatory process, consistent with acute infection.
Caption: Comparative view of lymph nodes on both sides
Description: A normal lymph node with a central echogenic fatty hilum is seen on the left side of the image. An abnormal lymph node is visualized in the right image.
Differential Diagnosis Enlarged lymph nodes due to an infective process
Final Diagnosis Infective lymphadenitis that responded to a course of antibiotics
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