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Inguinal hernia
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Shlomo Gobi
Presentation A middle-aged man presents with a history of a bulge in the right inguinal area while coughing. An ultrasound of the right inguinal region was performed.
Caption: Scan of the right inguinal region
Description: The hernia sac with its contents is seen projecting into the scrotal sac displacing the right testicle. The hernia sac contains an echogenic bowel loop.
Caption: Transverse view of the right inguinal area
Description: The right hernial sac is visualized again, with the air-containing bowel loops seen in the sac.
Caption: Sagittal scan of the right inguinal region
Description: The enlarged bowel containing inguinal canal is demonstrated measuring approximately 1.5 cms.
Differential Diagnosis Inguinal hernia
Final Diagnosis Right inguinal hernia with bowel loops extending into the scrotal sac