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Left cheek hemangioma
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Author(s) :
Chaitanya Puranik, MD
Presentation A 17-year-old boy presented with a swelling / asymmetry of his left cheek since birth. The swelling increased when he leaned forward and when he lay on that side & reduced when he was erect. On examination: No palpable mass and no bruit. Bilateral carotid pulsations were equivocal. There was cheek asymmetry which increased when he bent forward. A subtle darkish discoloration was observed on the skin over it.
Caption: Comparative images of both the sides of the cheek
Description: There is significant increase in the soft tissue thickness of cheek on the left side. It is predominantly hypoechoic in nature and this decreased on compression.
Caption: Comparative color Doppler images of both sides of cheek
Description: The soft tissue mass on the left side shows some areas of flow within.
Caption: Color Doppler images of the left cheek
Description: On application of pressure, the soft tissue mass completely fills up with color. No abnormal arterial or arterio-venous communication was seen.
Differential Diagnosis Hemangioma with venous lakes, lymphangioma
Final Diagnosis Hemangioma with venous lakes
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