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Pelvis » Scrotum And Testicles
Leydig Cell tumor
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Presentation An ultrasound evaluation for varicocele was performed on a 10 year old male, with normal blood sub-beta and alpha fetoproteins markers.
Caption: Sagittal sonogram of the left testis
Description: Sagittal plane of the left testis shows a sub-centimeter sized sharply defined, solid appearing hypoechoic heterogeneous mass at its superior pole. The mass has a subtle echogenic rim.
Caption: Transverse color Doppler image
Description: The testicular lesion shows internal vascular flow, confirming its solid nature.
Differential Diagnosis Primary testicular malignancy, epidermoid cyst, lymphoma, leukemia and metastases
Final Diagnosis Leydig cell tumor
Discussion Leydig tumor is a rare gonadal stromal benign tumor especially in children, which should be included in the list of differential diagnosis of testicular masses.
Ultrasound scan demonstrates a well marginated homogeneous mass, with an average diameter ranging from 3 to 5 cm. This tumor cannot be differentiated from malignant lesions by ultrasound.
Case References 1.Ragher D, Higgins J., Ultrasonography of the scrotum. J. Ultrasound Med 21: 171- 185. 2002.
2.Akin E, Khati N, Hill M. Ultrasound Quarterly Vol 20 (4), December 2004, pp 181- 200
Follow Up The child was operated and the tumor removed. 
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