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Malignant Melanoma Metastasis to Parotid Gland
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Author(s) :
Danilo Sirigu, MD
Presentation A 79-year-old with a history of cutaneous melanoma of the head is referred for ultrasound examination for bilateral swelling of the parotid glands. 
Caption: Right Parotid Gland
Description: A lobulated complex hypoechoic solid mass is seen within the right parotid gland.
Caption: Right Parotid Gland Color Doppler
Description: Color Doppler of a second mass indicates flow within the mass. The lesion exhibits a well defined margin, internal echoes and a small highly echogenic focus that causes shadowing, suggesting a stone within the mass.
Caption: Left Parotid Gland
Description: Another irregularly lobulated hypoechoic mass is seen within the left parotid gland.
Caption: Left Parotid Gland Color Doppler
Description: On color Doppler a few sparse areas of flow are noted within the mass. In this view there appears to be a well defined and smooth posterior wall to the lesion and moderately enhanced through transmission of sound.
Caption: Gray scale imaging of both parotid glands
Description: Note shape, internal echo pattern, margination and through transmission of the multiple masses seen within the parotid gland. The normal prarotid gland echo pattern is similar to that of the thyroid, presenting a very finely granular echo pattern and a moderate level of echogenicity.
Caption: Color Doppler of both parotid glands
Differential Diagnosis Benign masses
Retention cyst
Pleomorphic adenoma
Warthin's tumor (cystadenolymphoma)
Neurogenic tumor

Primary malignancy
Mucoepidermoid carcinoma
Adenoid cystic carcinoma

Final Diagnosis Metastatic infiltration of the intraparotid lymph nodes from cutaneous melanoma of the head.
Discussion Ultrasound demonstrates multiple ovoid hypoechoic solid masses in both parotid glands. One of the lesions presents an intranodular calcification.  On Color Doppler evaluation there is evidence of blood flow within the substance of the lesions.  

The patient's prior history of cutaneous melanoma of the head and the presence of multiple, bilateral ovoid hypoechoic lesions that are well marginated suggests metastatic infiltration of the parotid lymph nodes.

Several types of parotid tumors, both benign and malignant, can present as lobulated hypoechoic lesions. With current ultrasound technology it is not possible to definitively distinguish between these types of lesion or between malignant and benign hypoechoic lesions.  However, the ultrasound findings established the presence of multiple discreet masses in both parotid glands and suggested a need for further investigation.
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Recommend Reading
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Technical Details A special thanks to Dr. Danilo Sirigu who generously contributed this case from his outstanding web site
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