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Presentation A 6-month-old baby girl presents with a lump over the left gluteal region. The lump increased in size when she cried. There were no other signs or symptoms.
Caption: Clinical photograph of the baby
Description: The lump over the gluteal region is visible in this image. This lump increased in size when the baby cried. The skin over the lump is intact.
Caption: Ultrasound in the region of the left gluteal lump
Description: This image demonstrates a well-defined cystic lesion in the left gluteal region. This could be traced upto the spinal canal in the sacral region.
Caption: Scan of the gluteal lump and its adjoining region
Description: The cystic lesion is seen to be in continuity with the spinal canal.
Caption: Ultrasound of the left gluteal lump
Description: The cystic lesion shows only a thin septum inside.
Differential Diagnosis Meningocele
Final Diagnosis Meningocele
Discussion A further review of similar cases and neural tube defects is available here.
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