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Occluded upper pole branch of the transplant renal artery
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Author(s) :
Chaitali Shah, FRCR
Presentation A 35 year old patient, 24 hours status post renal transplant, presents with pain at the site of renal transplant. An ultrasound was performed.
Caption: Sagittal view of the lower pole of the transplant kidney
Description: Normal arterial flow to the lower pole of the kidney is noted.
Caption: Sagittal view of the upper pole of the transplant kidney
Description: Decreased, to almost absent flow, is noted in the upper pole of the kidney.
Caption: Spectral waveform analysis of lower pole renal artery
Description: A normal resistive index of 0.7 was noted in the lower pole renal artery.
Caption: Spectral waveform analysis of upper pole artery
Description: Diminished flow is noted here with a high resistive index of 1.0.
Differential Diagnosis Occlusion of the renal arterial branch supplying the upper pole of the renal transplant
Final Diagnosis Occlusion of the allograft renal arterial branch supplying the upper pole of the renal transplant
Discussion Occlusion of the main or branch of the allograft renal artery can occur as a vascular complication following renal transplantation. The incidence of allograft renal artery thrombosis varies from 1.4 to 3.5%.  Aggressive surgical approach to restoring circulation is indicated in order to prevent transplant rejection.
Case References
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