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Ovarian cystadenoma
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Presentation A young woman presents with dull, chronic pain in the lower abdomen. An ultrasound was performed.
Caption: Sagittal view of right adnexa
Description: A large complex cystic mass is seen in the right adnexa. The mass has thin internal septations. The ipsilateral ovary is not seen separate from this mass.
Caption: Transverse scan of the right adnexa
Description: The cystic mass with its thin internal septations is demonstrated. There is no obvious nodularity or thickened walls.
Caption: Transverse view of the cystic mass
Description: The internal characteristics of the mass are again well displayed in this image.
Caption: Color Doppler view of the mass
Description: No abnormal vascularity is noted within the septations. This is suggestive of a benign mass.
Differential Diagnosis Ovarian cystadenoma
Final Diagnosis Ovarian cystadenoma
Follow Up This diagnosis was pathologically confirmed after surgical removal of the mass.
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