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Penile urethral calculus
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Sunil Kabra, MD
Presentation 8 yo boy with dribbling of urine and burning micturation since 3 days
Caption: Sagittal right kidney
Description: Both kidneys appeared within normal limits
Caption: Sagittal and transverse bladder
Description: The urinary bladder appears within normal limits. Active ureteric jets were noted on both sides.
Caption: Longitudinal penis
Description: A well defined echogenic structure with strong acoustic shadowing is seen within the penile urethra in the midportion of the corpus spongiosum.
Caption: Transverse penis
Description: The location of the echogenic structure is centered between the two corpora spongiosa, within the urethra.
Caption: Anatomic illustration
Description: An anatomic illustration from Gray's Anatomy is helpful in appreciating the relevant anatomy.
Final Diagnosis Penile Urethral Calculus
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