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Polycystic ovarian disease
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Presentation A young woman presents with history of infertility. The woman had an elevated LH/FSH ratio. An ultrasound of the pelvis was performed.
Caption: Sagittal scan of the left ovary
Description: The left ovary appears normal in size, however shows the presence of multiple tiny follicles scattered randomly throughout the ovary. The interspersed ovarian stroma appears heterogeneous.
Caption: Sagittal image of the right ovary
Description: The volume of the right ovary is increased and it appears rounded. Multiple follicles are also seen in this ovary, but most of them have a peripheral location. This produces the typical ‘string of pearls’ sign, and is seen in polycystic ovarian disease.
Caption: Scan of the right ovary
Description: The right ovary with the numerous tiny cystic areas within seen again.
Differential Diagnosis Polycystic ovarian disease
Final Diagnosis Polycystic ovarian disease
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