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Post operative abscess
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Presentation This is a 50-year old woman, status post hysterectomy- 1 week, associated with a high grade fever. An ultrasound of the pelvis was performed due to pain in lower abdomen.
Caption: Sagittal transabdominal image of the pelvis
Description: Post-hysterectomy status -A complex, heterogeneous mass with rather well-defined margins is seen in the pelvis in the region of the previously resected uterus. The mass has a few areas of highly echogenic foci, which demonstrate posterior acoustic shadowing.
Caption: Color Doppler of the concerned area
Description: There are peripheral areas of increased vascularity, compatible with an inflammatory process. The dense echogenic foci within the collection represent gas, most likely due to infection by a gas forming organism.
Caption: Another color Doppler view of the concerned area
Description: These findings in the given setting are highly suggestive of an abscess, produced by a gas forming organism.
Differential Diagnosis Post-op abscess, post-op hematoma /collection
Final Diagnosis Post-operative abscess
Follow Up This collection was aspirated and the diagnosis confirmed. The abscess gradually resolved.
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