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Renal carcinoma
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Shlomo Gobi
Presentation A 60-year-old woman presented with complaints of right flank pain and macroscopic hematuria. An ultrasound was performed.
Caption: Sagittal scan of the right kidney
Description: A large exophytic-appearing, well-defined hypoechoic mass is seen arising from the mid-polar region of the right kidney. The mass demonstrates a small echo-free area in the center, most likely representing necrosis within the mass.
Caption: Transverse view of the right kidney
Description: The mass, as described in the previous image, is seen bulging out of the kidney. The mass elevates and indents the inferior edge of the liver; however no actual invasion by the mass is noted.
Caption: Sagittal color Doppler view of the mass
Description: The mass displays significant internal vascularity. As anticipated, the central area of necrosis is devoid of color.
Differential Diagnosis Renal cell carcinoma
Final Diagnosis Renal cell carcinoma
Follow Up A nephrectomy was performed and the diagnosis of renal cell carcinoma confirmed by surgery. 
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