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Retained foreign body in the hand
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Ravi Kadasne, MD
Presentation A woman presents with history of recurrent abscess formation and pain in right hand. She had a history of glass injury two months ago.
Caption: Transverse image of the right and at the site of pain
Description: This image demonstrates a small hypoechoic pocket in the soft tissues of the hand. A linear, echogenic structure is noted within this hypoechoic area, as pointed out by the arrow.
Caption: Transverse image of the area of interest
Description: This image also demonstrates the echogenic structure that is surrounded by the hypoechoic area. This most likely represents a retained foreign body - a piece of glass in this case, given the history of trauma.
Caption: View of the painful area of the right hand
Description: The echogenic foreign body in the soft tissues is better demonstrated in this side-by-side dual image.
Differential Diagnosis Retained foreign body in the hand
Final Diagnosis Retained  particle in the hand with surrounding foreign body reaction
Discussion A discussion on the ultrasound characteristics of retained foreign body in the soft tissues has already been described in a previously published case [click here to view]
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