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Pelvis » Female Pelvis (Gynecology)
Right ectopic ovary in an infant
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Author(s) :
Shlomo Gobi
Presentation A 6 day old female baby presented with a firm mass in the right groin. The baby was calm and reacted only when pressure was applied to the mass. An ultrasound was performed.
Caption: Transverse image of the right inguinal region
Description: The palpable soft tissue mass is noted again. Its characteristics resemble ovarian tissue and the mass is seen migrating through the defect in the ring. A vessel is seen coursing within the mass.
Caption: Magnified image of the right soft tissue mass
Description: Additional cystic areas are seen within the palpable mass. This mass has the sonographic appearance of ovarian tissue and most likely represents an ectopic right ovary.
Caption: Sagittal view of the pelvis
Description: The normal typical appearance of the infantile uterus is well demonstrated in this image. The cervix accounts for 2/3rd of the uterine dimensions and the body and fundus account for 1/3rd.
Caption: Sagittal image of the left adnexa
Description: The left ovary appears normal and is situated in its usual position. The right ovary could not be identified in the right adnexa.
Caption: Sagittal image of the palpable soft tissue mass
Description: Scan over the palpable soft tissue abnormality in the right inguinal region reveals an oval hyopoechoic mass. The mass appears solid and demonstrates tiny cystic areas within it. A defect in the internal inguinal ring is noted as marked.
Differential Diagnosis Right inguinal hernia with the ipsilateral ectopic ovary as its content
Final Diagnosis Right inguinal hernia with the ipsilateral ectopic ovary as its content
Discussion To view a similar case, click here
Follow Up Based on the findings, the patient was to be operated upon.
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