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Right ovarian torsion
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Author(s) :
Vikram Dogra, MD
Presentation A 30 year old woman with intermittent right adnexal pain of 24 hours duration was referred by the ER for pelvic ultrasound.
Caption: Sagittal image of the right ovary
Description: Gray-scale sagittal image reveals right ovary to be enlarged (7 cm) with peripheral follicles and areas of increased echogenicity.
Caption: Sagittal color Doppler image
Description: Color Doppler demonstrates no flow within the ovary.
Caption: Sagittal power Doppler image
Description: Power Doppler confirms almost no flow in the ovary.
Differential Diagnosis Right ovarian torsion
Final Diagnosis Right ovarian torsion
Follow Up This patient underwent laparoscopy with oophorectomy. Pathology revealed edema and hemorrhage of the ovary consistent with ovarian torsion.
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