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Right renal carcinoma
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Presentation An 81-year-old woman presents with history of right flank pain and hematuria. An ultrasound of the abdomen was performed.
Caption: Sagittal scan of the right lumbar region
Description: The right kidney in the mid-polar region shows the presence of a heterogeneous large solid appearing mass. The mass shows the presence of few anechoic areas within, suggestive of necrotic areas. There is no evidence of calcifications or associated hydronephrosis.
Caption: Transverse scan of right lumbar region – lower pole
Description: The right renal mass extending upto the lower pole of the kidney is seen here. A central large area of necrosis is seen in this image.
Caption: Transverse scan of right lumbar region – mid pole
Description: This is another view demonstrating the internal characteristics of the renal mass.
Caption: Sagittal color Doppler view
Description: The right renal mass is vascular as seen by areas of color flow within. The necrotic areas are devoid of any color.
Differential Diagnosis Right renal mass – carcinoma, abscess
Final Diagnosis Right renal carcinoma
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