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Abdomen » Appendix
Round worm in the appendix
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Author(s) :
Tapash Bedajna
Caption: Oblique scan of the right iliac fossa
Description: The arrows point to the presence of a linear tubular echogenic structure entering the lumen of the appendix.
Caption: Scan in the right iliac fossa
Description: Within the appendix [which is marked] is seen a linear tubular echogenic structure, which shows no posterior shadowing. Distal to this at the tip of the appendicular lumen is seen an appendicolith. The appendicolith shows posterior shadowing.
Caption: Further transverse and longitudinal scans of the appendix
Description: The appendix shows normal wall thickness and normal transverse diameter [was 5.9 mm at the widest part]. The linear tubular echogenic structure within the appendicular lumen is seen again. This most likely represents a roundworm filling the appendicular lumen entirely except the tip.
Caption: Views of the appendix
Description: The tubular structure is seen within the appendix.
Caption: Cross-section of the appendix
Description: The curled worm is seen in this cross-section of the appendix.
Differential Diagnosis Round worm in the appendix and appendicolith
Final Diagnosis Round worm in the appendix and appendicolith
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