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Submandibular duct calculus
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Author(s) :
Ravi Kadasne, MD
Presentation A young woman presented with pain in the right submandibular region. The patient said she could palpate something in her mouth since her pain had started.
Caption: Comparative view of both the submandibular glands
Description: The left submandibular gland is shown here for comparison and is normal in architecture. The right submandibular gland shows the presence of an anechoic structure as marked by the arrow. This most likely represents a dilated intraglandular duct.
Caption: Magnified view of both the glands
Description: This is a magnified view of image 1 and the arrow points to the dilated right intraglandular duct.
Caption: Sagittal scans of right submandibular gland
Description: This image was obtained with the patient placing her finger inside her mouth in the region where she could palpate something hard. This helped in easy localization of the calculus in the duct and is shown here marked with an arrow.
Caption: Magnified view of the right submandibular gland
Description: The dilated duct with the submandibular duct calculus is well seen in this image.
Differential Diagnosis Submandibular duct calculus
Final Diagnosis Submandibular duct calculus
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