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Abdomen » Kidneys/Ureters
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Presentation Adult female with complaint of right flank pain.
Caption: 3D Imaging of the fluid collection
Description: 3D imaging shows a well defined fluid collection with an echogenic focus dependent and weak echos representing a ureteric jet entering the floor of the collection near the echogenic focus.
Caption: Sagittal image of the fluid collection
Description: Note echogenic focus (thick arrow) and ureteric jet (thin arrow)at floor of collection. Also note irregular wall of collection.
Caption: Oblique sagittal of fluid collection
Description: This oblique sagittal view shows the fluid collection mass effect on the IVC.
Caption: Sagittal of the fluid collection
Description: This view shows the relationship of the fluid collection to the lower pole of the right kidney.
Caption: Real time imaging, right upper quadrant
Description: Imaging of the right upper quadrant in the region of the lower pole of the right kidney
Final Diagnosis Urinoma
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