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Volume ultrasound diagnosis of endometriomas
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Mary Davey
Presentation A 26-year-old female patient presented with a history of infertility and recent loss of a 14-week pregnancy for sonographic evaluation of the pelvis.
Caption: 2D endovaginal sagittal and transverse ultrasound of the cervix
Description: This image depicts several hypoechoic avascular circumscribed masses with imaging characteristics consistent with endometriomas in the cervix.
Caption: Transverse 3D volume image
Description: In this transverse image the mass appears complex with multiple elements that appear to occupy the posterior cervical wall.
Caption: Rendering of the coronal plane of the cervix
Description: This is a view not possible with 2D ultrasound and better demonstrates the pathology.
Caption: 3D Orthogonal Planes of Lower Uterus and Cervix
Description: Multiple ovoid hypoechoic masses with hyperechoic borders and strong through transmission appear in or adjacent to the posterior cervical wall. The white dot within the mass represents the intersection point for the three planes.
Caption: Sagittal Cervix
Description: This thick slice 3D image better demonstrates the relationship of the masses to the endocervical canal and the posterior cervical wall.
Differential Diagnosis Cervical endometriomas, polyps
Final Diagnosis Cervical endometriomas
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