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ShearWave™ Elastography in the Prostate
SuperSonic Imagine’s ShearWave Elastography is a new ultrasound imaging concept used to determine tissue elasticity.

ShearWave Elastography is the result of the exploration of a new type of wave – the shear wave - by a revolutionary new architecture which enables assessment of tissue elasticity in real time.

SonicTouch technology creates a supersonic vibration source within tissue, allowing efficient and automatic generation of shear waves without increasing the acoustic power delivered by the ultrasound system.

The SonicSoftware platform allows acquisition of ultrasound images at ultrafast frame rates (100 to 200 times faster than conventional systems) in order to capture shear wave propagation and assess tissue elasticity.

Combined, these powerful technologies deliver new capabilities to the clinical arena:
• Local information on human tissue properties through the estimation of elasticity;
• The ability to visualize the elasticity of small lesions with millimetric resolution;
• Fully automatic generation of shear waves from the ultrasound transducer, allowing user-skill independent and reproducible imaging;
• Real-time scanning, which reduces the complexity and duration of the elastography exam as compared to other elastography ultrasound systems.

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