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Non-Invasive Staging of Liver Fibrosis with ShearWave™ Elastography Imaging
The diagnosis and management of patients with hepatitis C strongly rely on an accurate assessment of the degree of liver fibrosis. In these preliminary studies, SWE™ is equivalent to TE and has shown to have an increased specificity and accuracy. These improvements are related to its ease of use and its capability of real time imaging to insure that the data collected is reliable.

The assessment of liver stiffness to evaluate liver fibrosis is gaining clinical acceptance. TE has recently been added to the European Clinical Guidelines for liver fibrosis assessment in the management of hepatitis C virus infection patients [30]. Additionally, to prevent repeated biopsies in patients
with hepatitis C, the French National Health Authority (HAS) and the French health care system have authorized the use of, and reimbursement for, non-invasive tests that can measure liver stiffness with a shear wave technique, such as TE or SWE for the assessment of fibrosis. In the near future, other co and reimbursing the use of shear wave techniques, as it increasingly becomes the first intention and primary tool in combination with other non-invasive serum biomarkers for liver stiffness assessment.