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Industry Coverage

The SonoWorld Virtual Exhibit Hall

Highlights from the AIUM Annual Conference New York City, March 18-21, 2016

Introduction & Interesting Facts
LOGIQ E9 XDclear 2.0
NEW Vivid E 95 for cardiology
NEW Voluson S10
Closing and Summary Remarks

Toshiba at AIUM 2016

Ultrasound product line summary Toshiba Exclusive SMI - Superior Microvascular Imaging. Toshiba Exclusive Shear wave elastography propagation map 3-D Shear wave data set.

Hitachi at AIUM 2016

Sophia - 52 second automated breast ultrasound exam. Shared with general imaging ultrasound system. Sophia's workstation provides fast, efficient exam review.

Parker Laboratories at AIUM 2016

Ultrasound transmission gels including industry-standard Aquasonic 100 - formulated to transmit 100% of the sound. Safe gel warmers for patient comfort. Disinfectants that are transducer and cable ...

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Helix Evolution with Touch Control
Siemens Elastography Technologies
Acuson NX3 Series
Acuson 500 FROSK
Acuson Freestyle

Nanosonics at AIUM 2016

Trophon automated high-level disinfection. Impacts HPV virus. New clean probe cover to ensure cleanliness after disinfection.

Samsung at AIUM 2016

WS80 featuring 5D Heart and Limb Volume. RS8 with new transducer technology. Featuring unique Shear wave segmental analysis.

bk ultrasound at AIUM 2016

NEW bk3500 developed for point of care examinations. Streamlined, simplified setup and operation. Unique Vector Flow Doppler Imaging with Automatic Calculation

Carestream at AIUM 2016

Touch Ultrasound - Different by Design Product refined by user experience over the past year. Sealed interface facilitates infection control procedures. Check with the black light.

Clarius at AIUM 2016

New company and New product to work wirelessly with any mobile device. Makes ultrasound more accessible and more affordable with high quality.

Esaote at AIUM 2016

esaote - Ultrasound with Italian Style MyLab Alpha Easy-to-use, one button optimization. Intuitive operation. User customizable annotation and measurement packages.

Konica Minolta at AIUM 2016

Sonimage HS1 Portable, simple operation for point of care ultrasound Simple Needle Visualization -easily see needle tip.

Meda Phor at AIUM 2016

ScanTrainer - Ultrasound exam replicator Haptic feedback Virtual ultrasound display linked to actual ultrasound scan. ScanTutor provides feedback, guidance and assessment

Mindray at AIUM 2016

A look at refinement of the Mindray-Zonare product line. TE7 - Touch Enabled Ultrasound System. Z.One Pro - ZONE Sonography M9 - Premium Portable ZS3 - High End ZONE Sonography System

Philips at AIUM 2016

Lumify - Unique no-purchase, subscription-based ultrasound for android portable smart devices. EPIQ 7 - Evolution 2.0 Software Upgrade addresses workflow of busy labs. Customized reporting reduces ...

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Sonoscanner at AIUM 2016

New Sonoscanner US company established New U-Lite HD handheld ultrasound scanner, less than 2 pounds with Linear, Convex, Endocavity and Phased Array probes. Includes Color Doppler capability.

SonoSim at AIUM 2016

Laptop-based ultrasound training In Sim Centers or with personal solution probe for decentralized individual training. Not only computer screen-based training but also features LiveScan with life m...

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Trice Imaging at AIUM 2016

Cloud-based image management system Allows data access from any device. Features case collaboration and patient image sharing.


Sonosite (iViz)
Sonosite (Edge II)
Sonosite (xPorte)
Sonosite VisualSonics (works in progress)

SonoWorld AIUM 2015 Exhibit Highlights