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2010-04-05-10 Case of the week #275 © Miheeva
Case of the week #275

August 26, 2010 - September 9, 2010.


Elena G.Ilyina, MD*, Irina V.Novikova, MD*, Ludmila M.Lishtvan, MD*, Larisa A.Savenko, MD*, Tatyana V.Kasetskaya,  MD*, Natalya G. Miheeva, MD**

*  Belorussian State Scientific Practical Center “Mother and child”, Minsk, Belarus.
** Maternity hospital No.2, Minsk, Belarus.



Case report

This is a case of a 23-year-old woman, G3P1 who was referred to our center at 21 weeks of gestation for the second trimester ultrasound screening. The patient had non-contributive family or personal history and did not take any medication during her pregnancy. Ultrasound examination at the 12 weeks was normal.

Our ultrasound examination revealed  intrauterine growth restriction. All measured parameters were 5 weeks behind the gestational age (BPD 31 mm,HC 119 mm,AC 114 mm, FL 20 mm). There was mildly enlarged amount of the amniotic fluid. The images show the main ultrasound findings.

Fetal karyotype from amniocentesis was normal, 46 XY. Parents decided for the pregnancy termination at 21 weeks, due to an adverse prognosis for the fetus. The pathologist confirmed our diagnosis.

Images 1-8: 21 weeks of gestation.


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