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2011-06-03-10 Case of the week #303 © Hamza

Case of the week #303

September 29, 2011 - October 13, 2011

Amr Hamza, MD.

Schwarzwald-Baar Lehrklinikum, Vöhrenbacher Strasse, 78050 Villingen-Schwenningen,Germany.

Case report

Patient presented to our department for an acute abdominal pain at 27 weeks of a twin pregnancy. We diagnosed a fetal bradycardia and performed an emergency cesarean section for a suspicion of placental abruption or uterine wall rupture.

We found an interesting finding during the cesarean section. The retrospective review of the prenatal ultrasound images revealed the following:

Images 1,2: Images show the twin B.  


Image 3: Twin A and twin B.  


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