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Articles » Multiple gestations » Twin reversed arterial perfusion syndrome
2003-04-07-16 Twin, acardiac, anceps © Quiroga


Twin, acardiac, anceps

Hector G Quiroga, MD, Enmanuel Lugo, MD.

Hospital Central Universitario “Antonio María Pineda”. Barquisimeto. Estado Lara. Venezuela

Case report
The patient is a 25‑year‑old woman G4P3, who attend to our institution because of amniotic fluid loss, the patient had a 30 weeks twin pregnancy and also had the diagnosis of an Acardic twin and here are the findings.


Figure 1, 2: Products of conception: acardiac anceps twin



Figure 3, 4: two vessels



Figure 5: X-ray of acardiac twin



Figure 6:  The anatomic dissection: There were only two vessels (one artery and one vein), two kidneys with their arteries. There wasn’t any heart-like structure, no stomach, inside the head only the cerebellum was found




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