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2006-07-31-11 Ectopic pregnancy, left uterine tube © Sanchez

Ectopic pregnancy, left uterine tube 

Marcos Sanchez, MD, Candelario Conda Moreno, MD, Martin Aguirre Caro, MD, Pablo Garcia Sanchez, MD, Arturo Sandoval, MD

HospitalGeneral de Acapulco, Unidad Obstetrica Quirurgica, Universidad Autonoma de Guerrero, Instituto Mexicano de Ultrasonido en Medicina

This is a 23-year-old primigravida, presenting with a positive bHCG levels (2.200mIU/ml). The transvaginal scan revealed an adnexal mass with irregular margins. The endometrium was thick, measuring 12mm. No gestational sac was visualized intrauterine. There was a right image suggestive of a right ectopic pregnancy. At surgery, a 6 weeks and 3 days pregnancy was diagnosed and a gestational sac without embryo was seen. 

Note the uterus and the mass

Note the ectopic pregnancy close to the right ovary

The gestational sac

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