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2007-04-23-16 Partial mole © Shah

Partial mole 

Jayprakash Shah, MD.

Rajni Hospital, Ahmedabad, India.


Case report

A G3P1 presented to our department at 20 weeks of pregnancy. Her clinical examination of the uterine size assessment was consistent with 24 weeks of pregnancy. No fetal malformations were detectable and the biometry was consistent with the 20th week of pregnancy. Some parts of the placenta showed multiple cystic areas, while other parts looked normal. After one week the clinical size of the uterus was consistent with 28th week of pregnancy accompanied with extensive placental growth. We presumed the diagnosis of the partial mole and the parents opted for the termination of the pregnancy. Chromosomal analysis wasn"t performed, but the histological examination confirmed the diagnosis of the partial mole.

Images 1, 2: 2D sonography at 20th week of pregnancy. Image 1 - shows multilocular molar structure of the placenta. Image 2 shows molar structure of the placenta and part of the fetus next to it.


Images 3, 4: Image 3 - 2D image at 20th week of pregnancy showing fetal face an spine. Image 4 - color Doppler scan showing insertion of the umbilical cor to normally looking part of the placenta.


Images 5, 6: Image 5 - 2D ultrasound image showing fetal head next to the molar part of the placenta. Image 6 - Doppler examination of the vascularity of the placenta.



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