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2007-07-25-10 Trisomy 21 © Zurita
Trisomy 21

Jesus Zurita, MD; Luis Guillermo Diaz Guerrero, MD.

Centro Clinico de Maternidad Leopoldo Aguerrevere, Caracas, Venezuela.


Case report

This is a first trimester scan showing trisomy 21 confirmed by the karyotyping.

Images 1, 2: Sagittal planes showing the increased nuchal translucency depth and absent nasal bone of the fetus.


Images 3, 4: Image 3 shows hyperechoic yolk sac; Image 4 shows reversed flow in umbilical artery.


Images 5, 6: Transverse gray scale and color Doppler images at the level of the four chamber view showing atrioventricular septal defect.


Images 7, 8: Images 7 shows atrioventricular regurgitation; Image 8 shows hyperechoic bowel.


Images 9, 10: 3D images of the fetus showing nuchal edema (better visible on the image 10).



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