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2007-07-25-10 Trisomy 18, two cases © Peralta
Trisomy 18, two cases

Jesus Zurita Peralta, MD*; Francesco Contarin, MD**.

*  Centro Clínico de Maternidad Leopoldo Aguerrevere, Caracas,Venezuela;
** Obstetrics and Gynecology Department, Miguel Pérez Carreño Hospital, Caracas, Venezuela.


Case report

These are some images of two fetuses with trisomy 18 obtained at 12 and 23 weeks of pregnancy. 

Case 1

Images 1, 2: 12 weeks of pregnancy. Sagittal and transverse planes of the fetus showing marked nuchal edema.


Images 3, 4: 12 weeks of pregnancy. Color Doppler and 3D images showing omphalocele of the fetus.


Case 2: 

Images 5, 6: 23 weeks of pregnancy. Fetal profile with poorly ossified nasal bone (image 5); and transverse plane at the level of the heart showing atrioventricular defect (image 6).


Images 7, 8: 23 weeks of pregnancy. Transverse plane at the level of the heart showing dextroposition of the hear due to diaphragmatic hernia (loops of bowels are visible on the left side of the heart).


Images 9, 10: 23 weeks of pregnancy. Polyhydramnios; clanched hand of the fetus is visible.



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