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2008-06-08-08 Gastroschisis, two cases © Contarin
Gastroschisis, two cases


Francesco Contarin, MD*; Branchi Greyka, MD*; Alejandro Fernandez, MD**; Aida Pasqualone, MD***.

*Clinica Sanatrix, Caracas. Venezuela; **Policlinica Santiago de León, Caracas. Venezuela; ***Hospital J. M de los Ríos. Caracas. Venezuela.



Case report

Following images show two cases of gastroschisis diagnosed at 16 weeks (case 1) and 38 weeks (case 2) of gestation in our department.

Case 1:

Images 1, 2: Images show bowels protruding out of the fetal abdomen.


Images 3, 4: Color Doppler and gray scale images showing bowels next to the fetal abdomen.


Image 5: 3D image of the fetus with gastroschisis.


Case 2:

Images 6, 7: Images show multiple bowel loops protruding out of the fetal abdomen.


Images 8, 9: Transverse and parasagittal scans of the fetal abdomen with dilated stomach.


Images 10, 11: Color Doppler images showing dilated stomach and bowels protruding out of the fetal abdomen.


Image 12: Polyhydramnios.


Images 13, 14: Postnatal appearance of the bowels protruding out of the neonate"s abdomen and postoperative appearance of the baby with surgically corrected gastroschisis.



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