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Articles » Maternal conditions that affect the fetus » Cervical incompetence
2008-06-22-11 Cervical incompetence © Manson
Cervical incompetence


Francois Manson, MD.

Fécamp, France.

Case report

Following images show 2D and 3D aspects of the cervical incompetence with herniated amniotic sac.

Images 1, 2: 2D aspect (image 1) and 3D VOCAL (Virtual Organ Computer-Aided Analysis) reconstruction of the herniated amniotic sac through incompetent uterine cervix.


Images 3, 4: 3D axial (image 3) aspect of the internal uterine os (view from the inside of the uterus) and lateral aspect (image 4) of the herniated amniotic sac.


Video 1, 2: Videos show 3D rendering of the herniated amniotic sac.



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