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2009-09-03-14 Ectopia cordis, 9 weeks © Andreeva
Ectopia cordis, 9 weeks

Elena Andreeva, MD; Svetlana Yurchenko, MD; Natalia Odegova, MD.

Medical Genetic Center, Gomel, Belarus.

Case report

The following images show a case of the ectopia cordis diagnosed in the 9th week of pregnancy.

Image 1: 9 week pregnancy; the image shows a sagittal scan of the embryo (CRL 2.13 cm; G.A. 8 weeks and 5 days)

Images 2, 3: Gray scale (image 2) and color Doppler (image 3) sagittal scans of the embryo with ectopic heart protruding out of the chest.


Images 4, 5: Transverse scan of the embryo at the level of the ectopic heart (red arrow) protruding out of the chest. The image 5 represents a fusion of the image 4 with a drawing explaining the structures that can be seen on the image 4.


Video 1, 2:  The videos show sagittal (video 1) and transverse (video 2) scans of the embryo with the ectopic heart.


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