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2009-12-09-09 Cleft lip and palate © Sanchez
Cleft lip and palate

Marcos Antonio Velasco Sanchez, MD; Candelario Conda Moreno, MD; Arturo Avila Sanchez, MD; Javier Cabrera Garcia, MD; Ara Valtierra Mendoza, MD.

Unidad Obstetrica Quirurgica, Instituto Mexicano De Diagnostico Por Imagen, Hospital General S.S.A. Acapulco Guerrero, Mexico. Facultad De medicina, Division De Posgrado De La Universidad Autonoma de Guerrero, Mexico.

Case report

This is a case of a bilateral cleft lip associated with cleft palate. A 21-year-old G2P1 was referred to our department at 23 weeks of gestations. She had non-contributive personal or family history. We discovered bilateral cleft lip and palate. There were no other associated malformations.

Images 1,2: Image 1 shows a transverse view of the upper lip, note bilateral cleft indicated by the arrows. Image 2 shows a frontal view of the upper lip and nose with bilateral cleft lip. 


Images 3,4: Image 3 shows a transverse view of the mandibulla. Image 4 shows a transverse view of the maxilla, note the disrupotion of the anterior palatine arch indicated by arrows.


Image 5,6: Image 5 shows a frontal view of the fetal face with bilateral cleft lip. Image 6 shows a 3D image of the cleft lip.


Images 7-11: Images show a 3D view of the fetal face, note a bilateral cleft lip.




Images 12,13,14: Images show a neonate after delivery, note the cleft palate.