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Articles » Urinary » Posterior urethral valves
2010-09-15-13 Posterior urethral valves © Contarin
Posterior urethral valves

Francesco Contarin, MD.*, Alejandro de la Cadena, MD.**

*  Clinica Sanatrix, Caracas, Venezuela.
** Minicentro Las Vegas,  Caracas, Venezuela.

Case report
This is a case of posterior urethral valves diagnosed at 14 weeks of gestation. Ultrasound findings included bilateral pyelectasis and dilated urinary bladder. Patient was a 35-year-old G1 P0 with non-contributive history. Amniocentesis was performed with a normal result, male karyotype 46 XY.

Images 1,2: Image shows sagittal, image 2 shows transverse view of the abdomen, arrows indicate pyelectasis and dilated urinary bladder.

Images 3,4: Image 3 indicates male gender. Image 4 shows dilated bladder.

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